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4 days, 2000km and lots of Twisties

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser2, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  2. I live too far from Victoria.....
  3. Hey Marty!

    Great ride ;)

    I'm jealous :)
  4. Bin meaning to get out and do somehitng like this for a while but can never seem to find the time. I suppose setting the priorities is the difficult one...:LOL:
  5. That sounds like an amazing christmas. Good work all.
    When I get a bike big enought to do the trip Im all over Victoria to go get lost......Lucky buggers
  6. What a great report, and that's what I need to do just go on a ride with nothing planned. Well Done all.

    Sounds like you had a blast.
  7. Maaaate that looks/sounds awesome. I've got time off in late Feb to do a trip similar. The Pic of the winding roads for 105 km really tipped the scales. I wanna go now!
  8. What sort of bike would you need to do a ride like this? I'd love to pack up and head off somewhere random for a couple of days away but being on my Ls my bike choice is fairly limited. I'm looking at an RS250, Mito 125 or maybe a ZXR250 because they would suit my needs for the majority of the riding I want to do, but would a big ride like this one be out of the question for such small bikes?

  9. Touring can basically be done on ANY bike, 50cc scooter upwards.
    For a ride like THIS (500km days, AND MULTIPLE DAYS IN A ROW) of mainly twisties and some gnarlyness thrown in, carrying full camping gear) I'd personally wouldn't do it on a 250 screampot (question here...is that really the sort of bike to suit our needs...or rather the wants?...as I imagine that most other riding would be commuting/ short trips?)
    A 250 Hyosung/VTR/GPX and the likes are way more touring-friendly, a lot roomier to stow gear, more relaxed to ride over distances (which directly translates into safety).
    Touring on the *right* 250 is no problem at all.
  10. Yeeeha !! :grin: :grin:
    The new section is full of gravel (same colour as the road seal).

    Strange bit of road that...superb condition and clean as a whistle, but no rythmn, some off-camber stuff, some tightening bends...real hard to run dead-smooth on it. Tricky. And shit..what a chase :grin: :grin:

    ...and to spice things up: some gravel through the bends/ 5ft goannas sunbaking in the middle of the road right after a blind lefthander, lateron some broken-up bitumen with gravel sprouting out of the seam, the odd wallaby hopping off into the bush, the occasional parrot on collision course....all the ingredients of touring the interesting stuff :)
    And YES...boiling to shrivel-point underneath that gear.

    Hey!! Thanks for having me along, what a ripper-ride. :grin: :grin:

    Not long to go :grin: We'll just run it backwards then :LOL:
    Magic roads, good company, sweet pace, no probs...couldn't wish for more.
    Sinking to the ground on the cool concrete when getting home and a good drenching from the hose was ....delicious, or painful...or both...or something like that.
    Cleaning the sheets of bugs off bike and gear yesterday still brought a
    W I D E grin.
    Off into the garage now, straightening out the tent-pegs in the vice :LOL:
  11. Thanks for the advice.

    I was thinking more of a few hundred kays total, away for as many days as a decent sized backpack can carry clean undies/t-shirts etc for. I'd stay in cheap motels to avoid having to carry bulky camping gear etc.

    You're right about needs vs wants. When I buy a bike I'll be keeping my car as my primary means of transport for commuting to work, doing the grocery shopping etc. The main purpose of the bike will be a weekend toy and as a hobby to work on.

  12. Sounds rather like a day-ride, even a little lap through the spurs-with-cream ( like the Myers Creek/ Chum Creek rds), comes to about 250km or so...
    Backpacks are for day-rides. Think of space for jacket-liner/wets/map/some extra tools and bits/ drink-bottle/visor-wipes etc and an *acceptably-sized* backpack is full. More/ bigger...and the shoulders will let you know after the first 100km. Cheap motels come to around $40-60 if travelling single, pubs are cheaper... often offering single beds/rooms.
    Rack and bags/ biggish seatbag/whatever are the minimum required for tours...some of those spoil the looks (oh my god), others leave enough room for a doorwedge on a 250 screamer.
    250 sporties are more like smallish performance cars...single-purpose toys. Sure...one could try to tow a trailer/boat with them, one could try to fit 3 kids into the tiny parcelshelf in the rear or try to fit a roofrack for the surfboard....but who the hell would?
    Taking a toothbrush and MasterCard to Lorne for a weekend is one thing...rough country backroads become a real pain in the arse with only 80mm suspension travel and a wheelbase so short as for half-the-bike disappearing in the first decent-sized pothole.
    As always...horses for courses.
  13. Hey dimeco, check out pragnasty's ride report of a few weeks back. He did Surfers to Bowen and back again on a 250 Honda Hornet.


    You can tour on anything; a mob of lunatics ride half-way across the country on postie-bikes once a year on a charity run.


    But if you want to get to the end of the day and not feel that YOU'VE done most of the hard work and been carrying the bike, rather than the other way round, you really should be thinking 500cc and upwards......
  14. He's from Vic, Paul :cry: :cry:
  15. When is your so-called govt going to adopt LAMS, for pity's sake????? How cruel......
  16. All sounds like good advice glitch_oz. Thanks.

    And thanks for the link hornet. Sounds like an awesome trip! Unfortunately being in Vic I'm limited to a 250. As you say, I'm sure you can tour on anything, but obviously some bikes are more suited to it than others.

  17. Very, very shortly ... but it's being kept quiet so as not to pre-deflate the 250 market

    You heard it here first :wink:
  18. no wonder they call you mouth. :p Shut up already. I'm about to put my 2fiddy on the market!!