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4 day trip through Eastern Victoria and surrounds

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Blue Boule, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. Hello all :)

    Until recently I was planning a scenic ride from Melbourne to Brisbane once we sold our house and were ready to move up there. However, as it's taken about 2 months longer than I wanted to even get the house on the market, I figure it'd be a good idea to take the time now to ride some of the roads I had planned taking in Eastern Victoria on the ride up before the risk of ice becomes a problem.

    So, I'm planning a four day ride to loop through Eastern Victoria and a bit of NSW. I'll be on my C50 cruiser so will be avoiding dirt roads (though Barry Way makes me want to go out and buy something more suitable :() Large parts of the route have come from searching here and elsewhere already but thought I'd post and see if there were any great spots I was missing that I can easilly incorporate. I'd also love to hear any thoughts on accomodation in or around Tawonga, Corryong and Orbost.

    The plan is as follows: -

    Day 1: http://tinyurl.com/dkvvn7

    I want to go down the road from Healsville to Toolangi again. I've always enjoyed it more than the Black Spur. This leaves me in Tawonga South for the night ready for what looks like a ripper of a ride through to Germantown and beyond in the morning. Once I get to Yea I'll be on roads I've not been down on the bike before :?

    Day 2: http://tinyurl.com/cjhchg

    Over Hotham, up the Omeo Highway to Tallangatta, north for a bit then follow the river before heading to Corryong for the night. I have to backtrack a bit the next morning but it seems to be a decent place to stay. I'm not sure about the second half of this ride. Should I follow the B400 straight to Corryong or stick to the planned route. Or maybe even head up the west side of Lake Hume and cross over near Bellbridge and then follow the river? What have others found these roads to be like?

    Day 3: http://tinyurl.com/cxmomd

    I love the comfort of my cruiser (even though it's a bit cramped after a while), but it's this day that really makes me wish I had something a little more suited to dirt roads. As it stands I still get to run through Thredbo and then loop down to Orbost. It seems a lot of the roads in this area have many unsealed sections so the options appear limited to me. Please prove me wrong :(

    Day 4: http://tinyurl.com/cck2on

    I must admit I've neglected the Gippsland region in my riding. I'd tend to head towards Reefton, or west to GOR if I was after a longer ride, so my knowledge of the best route home isn't the best. As it stands I've put this together but would love to hear some other ideas. There's nothing particular I want to see, just as few straight roads as possible :twisted:

    Any other pertinent (or otherwise) comments are also appreciated. I think I'll be leaving Tuesday week, so no Sunday drivers to slow things down either :grin:

  2. The caravan park behind the Tintaldra hotel is excellent. Biker friendly.
    No ATM, The bloke who runs it is tops. then the road southern side of the Murray to Thredbo is excellent, Do the Gunya Gap road, Magic.The Bright Motel is alright, $60-00 a night. Behind the Bright Hotel.
    Do the Tawonga gap road, Between Bright and Mt Beuty, All these roads are in excellent condition,
    Omeo Mt Hotham and down to Bright all top roads, all sealed, My Bird does not like dirt of any kind,
    Mansfield to Whitfield, twisties, then across to Myrtleford, open sweepers.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks for the Tintaldra accomodation spot. I had hoped to find somewhere near there.

    Is this the section of road you're talking about on the southern side of the Murray through to Thredbo. If not, do you or anybody know if this is a sealed section? It's a bit small to be on my map so I suspect it's not (new bike urge #732 during planning so far :evil:)

    Where's the Gunya Gap Road?

    Am I right that I need to go via Oxley from Whitfield to Myrtleford to stick to the sealed roads?

  4. Gunya Gap is the Murray river road, C546
    Email Bubba, he knows this road as he took us through there
    Tintaldra to thredbo, B400 Murray river road, then Murray Valley Hwy, C546, then Alpine way to Khancoben, Thredbo. all excellent roads.
    Keep your camera handy, excellent views.
    Google map runs out of roads, ????????????
    Mansfield to whitfield C522
    Turn right Glenrowan Myrtleford road C522
    Then C524 to Beechworth
    Then C315
    Then C532
    Then C527
    Then C533
    Then C531
    Then C533
    Then B400 to Tallangatta
    ThenC546 Granya, Murray river road to Tintaldra,
    Then Murray river road to Murray valley hwy, then Alpine way to Khancoben and thredbo.
    You will love these roads, Biker friendly
  5. You might want to rethink day 2. I did that section on a C50 back in November & there is a lot more dirt than the maps indicate.

    It took a lot longer than I thought to go from Omeo to Mitta Mitta & a damn lot slower. Hardly got out of second gear.
  6. Thanks for those tips Deadman and the info about the unsealed parts of the Omeo Hwy Hipster Doofus. It's a shame as that road looks like it would be a great ride if I had a bike more suited to it. Have adjusted day 2 slightly now and will go up Hotham someway and then turn back. There's too many other good roads to see to waste time on a dirt road with a bike not meant for it :LOL:
  7. So... did you do the ride? I'm interested to hear all about it if so!! :)
  8. Sadly no. The year's first snow fell about two days before I was supposed to leave. Considering where I was going I figured it'd be safer to give it a miss :(
  9. Well that's a shame, but if you still have time for a ride before you move, maybe you could do some kind of coastal ride. Something following the south coast of Vic, either side of Melbourne.. they're usually a good run in the winter.

    I'll be doing one such ride myself soonish, probably next month at this point. Something like Melbourne -> Grampians -> Warrnambool -> GOR -> Melbourne.