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4 day getaway - Great Ocean Road [w/PICS]

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by fekkinell, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. So after years of watching Ewan and Charley and being envious of anyone who camps out on a bike, I thought I'd finally mix my two loves of camping and bikes once and for all. I was browsing this forum a while ago when I stumbled across nina's thread (https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=133193&highlight=camping) and this got my brain ticking. Now I don't know nina, but that thread was the final brain tap to get me moving. I had never been to Johanna Beach, but it now had my name written on it and I had to go.

    I organised a few bits and pieces. Cut a non slip mat for under the tankbag, installed a 12v outlet under the back seat for the phone charger, bought a new portable campstove and treated myself to a new two man tent so I didn't have to lug my 3man dome along. (by two man, they actually mean two anorexic midgets, or one 6' guy)

    So anyway... I loaded up on Sunday night and hit the road Monday morning.

    (Be warned: All photos are taken on an iPhone 3GS and are crap. Much editing has taken place to bring them up to something slightly viewable)

    Loaded up and ready to go.

    A sneaky view inside my half loaded Gearsac.

    Day one:

    I left Eltham and headed through the CBD (because f*** the Ring Road) and out over the Westgate. I had an hour long snooze down the Geelong Road before stopping for a rest at Bells Beach to stretch and wake up.

    Bells Beach

    After Bells I blatted (rode sensibly) without stopping until I reached the obligatory 'arch' shot. I interrupted some Japanese tourists, snapped my shot, and took off again.

    Memorial Arch thingy... You know the one.

    Detour up Wild Dog Creek Road in Apollo Bay for a reminder of how great the view is from up there.
  2. Day One cont.

    I pulled into Johanna Beach at around 4pm to set up camp for the night. There was hardly anybody around so I nabbed the nice flat spot right near the lookout.

    Upon arrival.

    ~20mins later.

    Home Sweet Home.

    Convenient parking.

    View from home is beautiful... the hills aren't bad either.
  3. Still Day One

    After everything was set up I cracked out my new toy. A Kovea Moonwalker portable camp stove. This folds up small enough to fit inside my old camping pots, and can boil the ocean in under 2mins. Well, maybe not the ocean... but 2-3 cups of water. Perfect. I boiled up some instant curry and rice packets that I'd picked up at Coles. $3 and you can use them as boil-in-the-bag. No mess din dins.

    After dinner I retired to the balcony to admire the view while enjoying my evening cup of... ahem... well... scotch and coke, let's be honest.

    Day Two

    The second day was pretty quick. I packed up and headed west.

    Quick stop in Port Fairy. Amazing scenery to take my mind off the news that a friend that we all used to go riding with had passed away unexpectedly in a rock climbing accident.

    Stopped to visit my Nan in Portland. No pictures of this, but there was coffee, sandwiches, and a good chat. Most of my extended family are in Portland and word had gotten out that I was in town. My Uncle offered to let me stay the night but I wanted to keep going into South Australia, which I did. Only as far as Mt Gambier though. This little sojourn can be summed up as follows:

    Welcome to 110kmh.

    Welcome back to 100kmh.

    Needless to say I returned to Portland to be with family and stayed with my Uncle. My Aunt popped over to visit and we all had a great chat together before my Uncle, a friend of his, and myself all settled down to watch Liam Neeson shoot women traffickers in 'Taken'.

    The bike had some company for the night also.
  4. Day Three

    No need to pack the bike as it was all ready to go. Popped back over to my Nan's to say hi and have another coffee. Then a quick stop in Aldi to grab some $9 sunglasses to replace yet another pair that I'd managed to destroy the day before. (No sunglasses are me-proof) Then I was back on the road to Johanna again.

    Sights included:


    Wind turbines.

    Beach...as accessed via dirt road. The natural habitat of the CBR. *cof*

    No photos at Johanna this time. Was too busy not caring about anything and enjoying the beach, sunset, and finally an amazingly clear night sky where I sat for hours watching satellites pass over.

    Day Four

    Final day. Home time. Packed up and hit the road. Beautiful weather meant a beautiful ride. Hello GOR, goodbye chicken strips. Again no photos as I was too busy having an awesome time.

    I got to Torquay and decided that I couldn't face another hour long sleep up the Geelong Road. So I headed over to Queenscliff to catch the ferry instead. I haven't been on the ferry since I was a kid so it was a bit of fun. For $35, I'd highly recommend that people do it. Much better than that soul destroying freeway. Plus, bikes get to use the awesome lane.

    The awesome lane.

    The view from the awesome lane. Ferry regurgitating Range Rovers to make room.
  5. Day Four... the ending.

    The ferry was a blast. Best decision I'd made all week. There were dolphins playing around as the ferry left Queenscliff. No photos of this either as my turd of a phone camera wasn't quick enough.

    'Attention please... all awesome people to the front. Thankyou.'

    Leaving Queenscliff.

    View from upper deck. What's that? The ocean? Who cares... look at those beautiful bikes.

    Oh ok... have some ocean.

    Again after this point there are no pics. I followed the guy on the Beemer off the boat. He was a great guy and we had a quick chat. He'd just popped over to Geelong for work and decided the ferry was the way to go as well. He peeled off towards the Peninsula Freeway and I headed up Arthur's Seat, through Red Hill, then a short slog up the Monash Fwy, Springvale Rd, and back into Eltham.

    All up I had a fantastic few days. Like I said at the start, I don't know nina, but I feel I owe her some thanks for providing the inspiration (and location) for what turned out to be a fantastic breath of fresh air.

    And to think... I have nothing to show for it now except this fantastic case of 'helmet face'.

    Hopefully I can even up that tan before the kids come back to work next week. HAHA!

    Ride on!
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  6. Looks awesome! What was with the shoes?
  7. Clever advertising disguised as something quirky... but I just like the quirky part.

  8. Well done !
  9. Awesome trip by the looks of it. I love reading these write ups. Maybe one day I'll do it as well.
  10. You should've taken me with you! :p

    Oh this reminds me that I haven't been tenting for a while... I need a get-away like that soon.
    Nice pics :)
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  11. great write-up Fekker, most entertaining.

    But damn you and Nina both - now I've just got to get organised and go "tenting" too...
    (I just hope it's nothing like "dogging" - I felt so stupid, standing there in the carpark clutching my billy...)
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  12. I'll race you to the good spot near the lookout. ;)

  13. Awesome ride with pretty good narration.Pics do justice to the ride u have done.

  14. Fantastic mate,all by yourself are you nuts
    i hope so cause i am
    Your a true biker keep it up.
  15. Actually the hike-in campsite is way prettier with a SOOOOOO much better view. Did you walk there? Just 10 min walk away from the other campsite. I went to their lookout until it got dark.

    If you haven't seen it, then that's definitely a reason to go back. I've never seen a nicer campsite - the reason why I chose to stay Johanna ;) But then all the campsites for the hikers along the GOW are very beautiful.
    Oooh I REALLY want to get away from Melbourne right now :(

    But hey, I'm glad I managed to inspire one person :)
  16. Great write up fekkinell.

    Good move taking the ferry back. As long as you get a calm day since they don't strap the bikes down like they do on the Spirit of Tasmania. I'm next planning on going across on it the week before Cup weekend.

    Although going back to Eltham you could have avoided the highway if you went up through Brisbane Ranges (Lorne to Winchelsea) through Bacchus Marsh to Lancefield then across to Kinglake & then down to Eltham. Okay, I know it's the long way, but a nice ride if time isn't important.

    There is something to be said for solo trips especially on the bike, but done the camping bit heaps and now only do that when I do 4 wheel drive camping trips. The rest of the time feel I have earned myself some luxury time.
  17. Nitekreeper, you do have some strange past times. Just hope no actual dogs were involved, they have another name for that!
  18. Exactly my point HB: not a puppy-dog in sight!
    I was totally in for a night of sitting around the campfire, drinking tea and throwing the tennis ball to the dogs, but no...
    Some fat, filthy people in Range Rovers had to come along and ruin it for everyone...
    They wouldn't even throw my ball back!
  19. Drinking tea.............sure you would be.

    Campsites, if it's not the stuff that warms up your innards real fast then hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows.

    Bet your campfire wasn't like the last one on a trip I was on. This Canadian guy didn't believe in kindle so he just rounds up whatever he can find, ands oil & petrol lights up a small stream of it and whosh, up it goes.

    Don't throw tennis balls either, don't like when they get all gooey. I use sticks.
  20. loved it.... SOOOO need to get out for some camping trips. Looks like great fun.