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[4/7] It's baaaack.....Bike Night!!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by ali 600, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Well we've had a bit of a rest for the last 2 months but Bike Night is back at Western Sydney Dragway in July.

    Prizes on offer this month include:
    Best 60foot time LAMs bike - $40 MCA Voucher
    Best 60foot time non-LAMS - $40 MCA Voucher
    Best reaction time - WSID free Bike Night entry
    First timer draw - WSID free Bike Night entry

    Bring your mates and race them down the quarter mile - July 4th.

    $45 entry fee
    Gates open 5pm
    Racing starts 6pm

    Questions? PM me! Cheers :grin:
  2. Damn! I can't make this one, its my sisters b'day. Will be out at the next one for sure :grin:
  3. blnt then mate
  4. just wondering are full leathers compulsory for these events??...

    I kno they are for track days... but for quarter miles im not sure??

    When will the next one be?...

  5. Yep, will need full leathers.

    If I lived closer I'd be keen to take the CT110 for run and swipe that fastest LAMS reaction voucher...
  6. Crap can't give it a go yet then...

    Do we also HAVE to have boots? I've only got jacket helmet and glove..