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4-5 Day Road Trip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by bass_player, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    Before starting uni next year I'm looking at doing a 4-5 day road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne. I want to check out the Great Ocean Rd, Mt Gambier, Melbourne and any other 'touristy' spots. Any ideas on a route?


  2. I'd stick mostly to the coast, but hook up into Gariwerd (the Grampians) and stay overnight before heading back to the GOR. Magical place.
  3. There’s sweet FA in Mt Gambier… if you want to see some of the best bits in victoria then head across to horsham from Murray Bridge using the A8 … then continue on to Stawell…. As you get near to stawell you will start to see signs to Hall Gap and this is one of the great rides in victoria… you can do a little loop out of Halls Gap that will take you high into the mountains and then back onto the main road to Dunkeld…. From dunkeld head south down to Warrnambool and go for a cruise down to the beach area… NOW…. From Warrnambool head out on the A1 until you see signs to Peterborough/Great Ocean Road …. Follow that road, go though Peterborough and onto Port Campbell… chuck a beachy around there… along this road there are many stop to take a look at the coast but the best bit is after Port Campbell where the 12 Apostles are…. From there just keep following your nose around the great ocean road… be really really careful from Port Campbell onwards as there are a lot of dickbrained drivers and the traffic can get a little thick through the holidays… the GOR gets very windy and tiring so make sure you are fresh on that day… also in the Lavers Hill area it can get a bit dangerous going through the forests on a wet day as it’s hard to see the slippery leaves that may be on the road… a lot of bikes have come unstuck due to these wet leaves… but hopefully it want be raining :D

    take a look at my little film clip in the Halls Gap post to see a bit of that area :)

    infact, here's the clip...

  4. also around port campbell is where the cops like to hang out. not that they dont like hanging out anywhere else around the area but every time ive gone past theres been one on that stretch of road just before port after the hill.