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4,000kms in 5 days on a ttr250

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by endurotour, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. HI all, i have pasted this in from a diary sort of document, so its a little messy, not sure who to clena it up, any hoo hope you enjoy the read..
    Due to the lenght of the monday ride i have broken it down..
    Monday morning 23/10/2006, up at 4:15, dressed and on the bike by 4:30AM.
    04:46 Mooroopna 11km away for a ATM balance slip.
    07:32 Nyah - Two Bays Roadhouse
    09:12 Buronga - Roadhouse (just out of Mildura)
    Central time zone +30 mins for tracking start times
    12:26 Broken Hill - Mobil Excelsior
    15:34 Peterborough - Roadhouse
    16:56 Port Augusta - Highway One Roadhouse
    19:19 Pimba - Spuds Roadhouse (Darkness and animals)
    20:57 Glendambo - Travelstop Roadhouse
    00:07 Coober Pedy - Ampol Roadhouse

    1683 Kilometres Total :)

    2005 TTR250R, minor mods. 23+lt fuel tank, Givi screen, Oxford heated grips.
    Tool kit, First Aid kit, heavy weather clothing, water, EPIRB, maps, passes,
    camera, phone. 2 x panniers, I x small tank bag (on tail rack), Pac safe helmet

    Sunday morning, suit up and help my girl friend get her gear sorted. Head out
    to the burbs and meet up with another 1000+ riders for the Pink Ribbon ride
    (cancer fund raiser). Awesome ride, police blocking corners, Vic roads organise
    green lights for the whole way.. BBQ, catch up with a few friends, ride home,
    my longest pillion ride at 150km. Time for a shower, different set of gear,
    panniers on the bike, good bye's and head off North to the country town of Old
    Toolamba (Shepparton).
    On the ride up I reviewed my plans, topped up the tank, and located an ATM
    machine in the local town. Spent a quite evening with a mate, bed around

    The early stages were smooth, once over the boarder into New South Wales I was
    able to cruise at 110kph, (65mph). This continued for the majority of the
    journey until last light. After chatting to some ADVriders at a beer night I
    took the advice to keep the first few stops to just fuel, getting about half the
    trip covered before stopping for food. First food stop was in Broken Hill and
    the second in Port Augusta.
    The fist few hours were very cold, heated grips on half way, wearing all the
    winter gear I was carrying as I road through mist and fog. Beautiful to watch
    the sun come up in the bikes mirrors, with the mist now just sitting atop the
    water canals. Although I would have loved to get a few good photos my plan was
    to limit any extra stops, so the photos I did take were generally at points when
    I was adjusting gear, mostly taking of stuff as the heat of the day combined
    with the northern travel came into play.
    The stretch from Buronga through to Broken hill ended up being the longest
    section to ride on a mind level, few cars or scenery changes, things changed
    once I was heading out of Broken hill, refreshed with the first extended stop
    and food, I was really starting to realize the do ability of the days ride.
    Slight changes in the towns, signs and the like one notices in a different state
    or territory.
    On the inside of my bikes screen I had stuck a list of the towns and distances
    along with a photo of my girl, so I was starting to see the next sections a lot
    differently, a real change once there is a half way point reached and passed.
    While the list of stops and sections was a guide I found through the day that my
    planning was ok with the trip unfolding to follow the plan in reality.
    For the music side I have the mini disk going, although I had a routine, the
    first section no music, the next music, the third plugs in but nothing playing
    and rotate along the ride, I kept this going for the 4 days. The other part was
    not to listen to any radio stations, just the pre-recorded play list, just a
    chance to switch off from the "happiness"... of the news etc. For me this
    worked well over the trip.
    Over half way in the ride I headed road the section from Peterborough through to
    Port Augusta, the first and only real hilly and twisty section, great timing in
    the day for it and nice to be leaning over in corners every 50meters..
    This changed as soon as I turned right and headed north from Port Augusta, long
    straights with the sun starting to set, chasing the last rays of light.
    Starting to find my self sharing the road more and more with the road trains
    (truck with three full length trailers). I arrived into Pimba with only a
    momentary hint of reflected light on the western horizon. The next 360 odd
    kilometres was going to be in the dark while sharing the road with a lot of
    animals, Kangaroos, sheep, cows, rabbits, all of them I had already passed
    feeding near the road on the previous 200kms.
    Used the mobile phone to call the Back Packers, through email I had booked a
    bed, just needed to confirm I was on the way, how far I had progressed and get
    the code for the front door. Learnt of the garage in Coober Pedy being a 24
    hour operation so the end witness and fuel receipts could be obtained.
    I took stock of the current situation at this time, I was nourished and hydrated
    (water bladder in the riding jacket), I had a nice bed to sleep in at any
    arrival time, enough full for the last stage with 150+kms in reserve and local
    knowledge of there being a couple of road trains coming up through to Darwin.
    I pulled out of the road house and sat in a wayside, the next truck coming
    through with 4WD trailing behind passed me so I pulled out and followed from a
    safe distance, they cleared the road and there lights worked great to show me
    the path much further ahead. I kept a fair way back to avoid I hope any stress
    for the truck driver.
    This process worked well for about 240 kilometres, as one driver pulled up and
    shut down to sleep the night I would wait for the next, a night time tag along
    gig. All going well until about 120 kilometres short of my destination.
    So sitting back from the road, eating a cherry bar and enjoying the clear night
    filled with stars I waited for another truck.. no luck, I had 5 hours at this
    stage to get the last part of the journey, I was feeling good all tings
    considered. So pulled out and headed off at a very very slow speed watching
    lots of eyes looking back at me from the edge of the road, or the movement of
    something moving away. I really don't know how long this went on for, although
    at a point the mirrors had a slight glow in them. Pulled over and waited.
    The glow grew to revel a very fast moving BMW two door banging up the road,
    jumped on the gas and hooked it up, glanced at the Speedo 120 (ish "wink:)),
    though this is not working the car was just pulling away way beyond me and I had
    no interest in trying to do 110+ at night, backed it off and returned to the low
    end speeds, although I was happy to have had a short blat and cover a little
    extra distance.
    I started to think of myself as a slightly quick Ag Bike (hey it worked for
    The side of the road started to flatten out and sightings of animals were not
    occurring, so a touch more throttle as I continued on my way. Around 23:30
    local time I caught the occasional light up ahead, this slowly became to be my
    destination, 00:07 and I was paying for my fuel in Coober Pedy... (19.5 hrs
    total) mmmmm bed...not long or too far away..
    A bit of a chat with the attendant, he appreciated what I was ohh wait had
    Cruised into the Hotel car park, pulled off the panniers and head in, 35 steeps
    down into the ground to find my bed reserved sign hanging out front, woo hoo my
    ride was over and I was about to have my first night sleeping in an underground
    / cave bed..

    Tuesday morning and time to find out what the new day will bring, headed up
    stairs and the bike was waiting for me, chain lube, gear back on and the bill
    paid, time to find food.. Large breaky and coffee, and more coffee...I was
    allowed to roll the bike into café next to my table, so I could re organise the
    bike, look over the maps and take stock. Decided to head out to Oodnadatta
    latter in the day, first I checked out the town a little, underground museum and
    the like. The ride out was only 190 kms, all dirt, loose gravel, wash outs and
    flood plains.. This is the area that Mad Max 3 and other movies were filmed...
    very different environment to the hills from the Pink Ribbon ride 48 hours
    Food, fuel photos and chats with the Pink Road house owner led me to change my
    plan of heading north from Oodnadatta while taking stock of the long ride I had
    just completed the day before, started out towards William Creek, although a
    little ito the ride I found the track needed more concentration than I had, turn
    around back into to town, bring on the steak sandwich..
    Spent a few hours looking around town, railway museum is a must see, while also
    waiting for the cooler arvo temps, the clouds were forming.
    The ride back to Coober Pedy was fun, started to see the animals more and more
    with a few drops of rain to mix tings up a little.
    Alas 100kms shy of Coober and the sun set... so speeds back down and I just
    bopped along, although I new there was not very far to go, came to really enjoy
    seeing the little signs every 10kms advising me I was closer... at around the
    30km to go mark I cam up onto the plains, the winds picked up, so I had a side
    over lean with gusts, animals, spots of rain, a 3 inch wide strip of tyre track
    to steer in... bloody great fun..
    Night 2, back into the underground world, bike checked over, gear sorted out,
    and off to the pub, one beer and it closed, 2 bar, few more beers and some Brits
    on a bus tour.. all good.
    Day 3, up and out early, more wind... more wind.. all the way to Adelaide, 843
    kilometres took me 13 and a half hours, average speed 85kph. Big thank you to
    the guys in Port Augusta Yamaha for looking over the bike and checking a small
    oil leak, all ok bang on down the highway.
    Arrived in Adelaide, first stop fuel, second stop Car wash. Stripped everything
    of the bike, degreaser applied and bike power washed... sad to watch all the
    nice red dust and dirt go down the drain..
    After a few stops in town I located a place to stay with off street parking,
    dropped the gear, set up the bed and headed back to the foot path to oil the
    chain and put on a spare clamp, the header pipe guard had a bit missing.. I
    chose not to go looking for it.. off into town for a beer or three.. although
    at 2 drinks I was really feeling relaxed (wink), and turned in for the night.
    Day 4, up way to early, chap in the room had a lot to drink and decided he was
    not sure were his money was, so lights on loads of noise and I was off for a
    Up early so headed off, ended up going on a short detour to Hahndorf, had some
    food and picked p a ginger bread man to eat on the stops back to Melbourne. The
    run to the SA / VIC border was smooth, the VIC side it all went back wards, so
    many towns, 100kph zones, road works, 2 breath tests with in 100kms, etc... At
    Ballart I turned right and headed down to Geelong to see a mate and hand over an
    apple donut from the Hahndorf bakery.. very brief stop then on the bike to get
    into Melbourne, I arrived home with enough time to pick up my swipe card then
    head to work, started a 7pm, just made it.. although I was knacked.. (tired)...
    Finished work at 1am, home and sleep...
    I had an awesome ride over the 5 days with a minium of issues, lots of new
    experience's and a good healthy desire to go again.. just not sure were in Aus
  2. Well done.

    Yep - 100kms an hour is the same on a 250 as on a bigger bike!.

    They were some big days you put in bro, would have some doubts about the concentration levels at the end of day 1?
    And roos at night are a bit daunting.
    But, you made it!.
  3. Sensational ride, and a great report :applause: :applause: :applause:

    An Iron-Butt effort on the first day, and on a 250 trailie; I dips me lid to ya :).