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3rd week out in real traffic !!! - Loving IT !

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VCM, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. After spending the last few weeks, hitting the local car park to practice , I finally hit the roads !
    I spent aprox 20 min each morning this week cruising the local roads in Dandenong. I admit it was round 7:00am each time, so traffic was not so bad. Those car park sessions are paying off ( thanks for the tip ). I feel alot more comfortable on the bike, not as awkward as previously. My indicator control is better .. ( remembering to indicate and cancel ). And my fear of traffic is no longer a fear.. but a healthy defensive reaction.
    I also faced my fear of stopping on an incline !!!
    I find using the front brake ( one finger ) and throttle to take off has become a co-ordinated dance of sorts.
    Anyway I gotta say I am HOOKED !!!!. I love it !!
    I actually rode home from work today.. ( aprox 30 min ) in mainstream traffic. I think I did ok, with no major mishaps. I did notice however, how difficult it was to keep the bike from being blown off the road in a strong cross-wind. I had to slow from 80kmh to around 70kmh in order to keep the bike from wandering.
    2 riders passed me on DandyValley HWY. One pulled up just to the right of me, looked back and nodded. I nodded back at him. It felt like I was an official " Welcome Aboard & Stay Safe " message , :LOL:

    Anyway ... it may seem trivial for some.. but I just had to share this with you all .. to me.. it was A BIG DEAL !!! right up there with losing my viginity :p
  2. Wooo... I had that moment a couple of weeks ago too. Scary, but fun nontheless.

    And getting nodded at is just plain cool haha. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  3. lol good post, sounds like you had a ball.. when i was out and about when I got my L's I thought it was the best, in the end I managed 1,000km freeway riding.. at first time I ever went on a freeway I was very nervous and a gust of wind had blown me from one side of my lane to the other when I was cruising at 100kph.. damn cbx250 had no meaty bits on it :p but I did master riding against the wind and didn't have a problem long after. so even on a small bike you'll get use to the freeway driving / winds in know time. :)
  4. I had to ride home on the tulla on tuesday night with cross winds of about 75kmh :shock:

    It was very interesting but hey, better now than never.

    If I didn't have this stupid flu i'd be riding the bike right now :(
  5. I didnt think something as simple as riding home from work the first time, could be such a BLAST ! :p
    I chose to buy a Honda SL250, mainly cause I wasnt sure whether I'd be trail or road riding most of the time. That and the fact that the seat height is low. I now wish I had bought a sports bike .. ie CBR250RR. I seem to have started a love affair with road riding.
    I'm happy with the SL tho, and will probably find it easier to learn on .

    :) :) :)
  6. Great story mate, and as a newbie myself, I can totally relate to the feelings you describe.

    I'm a big fan of the "bike nod" myself, and whilst it sounds silly, still enjoy the feeling of being recognised by another rider.
  7. congrats vcm. i too have only just started riding slo i totally know where you're coming from.

    just wait till you go for your first group ride. you'll learn alot from a group ride (especially if they're supportive) and feel even more confident on your bike and on the road.
  8. +1 thats right! :wink:
  9. Mate Congratulations! I had my first big road ride yesterday! I have to say I have the same feelings as you. Absolutely hooked! Loved it. :LOL:
    Had one minor issues of stopping at a roundabout on an incline...I was already thinking "this is not going to be good" and sure enough when the bloke in front of me moved off...I stalled...only copped one car horn though.
    Only fear - starting on inclines... :(
    Congrats mate and safe riding.
  10. congrats on getting out there and mastering the fear

    I have just upgraded from the GPX250 to V-Strom 650 and still have scary moments especially as the bike is a different style and height, etc

    and the wind!!
    when we first moved down from Darwin to Melbourne it felt like we were riding in a cyclone everyday
    but once you learn to relax and not grip the bike like its your last lifeline you will find the bike handles the wind better than you think and you will learn ways to deal with it.

    as for stalling on inclines :oops: I did that the other day
    felt like a real tool
    but luckily noone beeped me and they didnt sit up my clacker for the rest of the trip either :LOL:

  11. Well, I am going for my first road ride this afternoon, however it is only going to be my second time on the bike since I bought it on Friday!!! :shock: :p .

    I got the bike from another Netrider member, and am very pleased with it the only problem is that is slightly out of rego so I have got to get to the mechanic to get it passed, so I don't really have a choice but to ride it there :grin: .

    I did go for a cruise up and down my street numerous times on Saturday it is kinda twisty with a few intersections, so it is actually a really good spot for a newbie to practise on.

    I will have to plan my route a bit so to avoid any hill starts :p :p :p by the sounds of it I might leave them till a bit later.

    +1 to the node though, I have several near by neighbours that ride bikes and it seemed everyone of them came out on Saturday will I was practising, you get that "welcome to the club nod" and feel ten feet tall!!! :p :LOL: :p :LOL:

    Safe Riding to all
  12. Hill starts are a lot scarier than they are....

    Obviously the first time I had to start from this dirty great big hill, I stalled like any good learner should, but once you get your foot braking and clutch work up to scratch, its almost like taking off from a hill on a bicycle (minus the pedaling).
  13. my first ride in heavy traffic this weekend too. lol damn those cagers pulling into my buffer and forcing me to stop. oh well
  14. Re: First time out in real traffic this week!!!

    I had this when I was riding my bike to do my full licence test.
    Was a really windy day and I was on the freeway doing 100kms when all of a sudden, this massive gale force gust came out of nowhere !
    Luckily I was in the 3rd lane and there were no cars around me, I got blown clear across the freeway into the 1st lane....... It seemed like 1 second and I was gone !!!
    After that I was very careful in windy conditions, but you do get used to it with time........
    Like anything, practice makes perfect !

    And the nod !! Always a good feeling......
  15. Thanks for all your replies & feedback ;-)
    I clocked up another 100km on Sunday and I feel I am really beginning to 'get to know' my bike. I still have so much to learn and so many skills yet to attain. Although I spend most of the time concentrating on defensive riding, I was in a postion to relax for a min ( no cars behind me or infront ) .. I stretched my arms out a little, took a deep breath.. then YELLED at the TOP of my voice .. WOOO HOOO !!!!!!! needless to say I had a pemanent smile for the next 5 min.
    I need to work on my cornering, ( seem to understeer at times, esp when turning right at T-intersections ). I also realised my helmet lock is a waste of time .. my visor ended up scratched from rubbing up against the bike whilst I was struggling to get the key into the slot and unlock it. :evil: I now just secure my helmet via the straps around the rear rack behind the seat.

    I rode to work this morning ( Dandenong ) .. roads were wet, then about half way into the ride it begun to drizzle. I copped a fair bit of wash from vehicles passing me and arrived to work... jeans saturated! ( guess its time to buy cheap plastics? ) :LOL:
    All in all, a pleasant weekend , Hope You Guys had a good one too !
  16. Went for my first ride on the open road tonight to get the bike registered, and all I can say is YYYEEEEE HHHHHAAAAA :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    How much fun is that, now if you'll excuse me I am off to the ride's thread to find out when and where the next learner group ride is. :p
  17. Really looking forward to those frist few ride (and hopefully enjoying them and sticking with it).

    Just looking at the moment and it is quite a frustrating feeling. Most sure if any bike I see is good enough (for my price range) and always prepared to walk away.
    though I'm sure it being winter I'll find something in no time.

    Getting excited hearing about these great rides.
  18. VCM,

    Sounds like the riding is cmming alone nicely. Enjoy. I'm a newbie too and have riden to work daily since last Xmas rain, hail and shine. It is addictive and the more youget out there, the more you will pick up. The group rides are the best. See you out there sometime.
  19. Good One Mate ! ... Its a Great Feeling eh

    No doubt we will be hearing about your rides too very soon. Good Luck with the bike hunting!

    :LOL: My wife cant work out why I am riding in the cold/wet, when I have a warm comfy car in the garage :p
  20. hey all my workmates are like that too
    my first response used to be, hey I'm from Darwin, rain don't scare me
    but now I just say, well I can't understand you fighting to breathe in a crowded train either....

    your doing great VCM
    congrats on getting out there