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3rd Person View

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Lugo, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Wasn't actually me today, but my heart stopped all the same. Don't know what model bike it was, I'm thinking a VFR of some description, turning right onto Princes St from Rathdowne St in Fitzroy. Bike in the left right-turn lane, myself in the right lane in the cage. We turned onto Princes street together, East bound, and the bike started to pull away.

    As he became level with the Mazda 121 in front of me on comes the Mazdas left indicator and a swift left lane change simultaneously. Had the rider not been in the left wheel track and been so quick to react on the brakes this crazy lady would've cleaned him up.

    Can't say I was surprised to see the move she made though, she'd cut me off in the car 50m back from the intersection in order to make the right hand turn. If she can't see a purple car in the next lane how on earth will she see the little bike. One can only assume she changes lanes THEN looks.

    Just makes me mad... had to vent.


  2. Must be "blinders on" day! I saw the same thing this arvo but a car cutting in front of a semi. I'm glad I was sitting 3 cars behind that one.
    Yesterday, a learner driver changed lanes mid-turn (2 lanes - turning right off the main hwy). Not sure if it was on purpose or turned wide. Again,glad I was far back in the q.
  3. I don't think I could be a learner driving teacher, unless I had dual controls, a cattle prod and pepper spray.!
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  4. To top it off I forgot to mention she then pulled in behind him after he moved into the very left lane, then overtook him on the left (he's in the right wheel track now) to get into the left hand turn lane ahead. It's like nearly taking him out once wasn't enough, lets see how close we can force our way through too!
  5. Lately I've been finding I get cut off more in the car than I do on the bike, it's possible because when I ride I actively avoid situations where I could be in danger, or I could just be a crap driver (I doubt it but doesn't everyone?), but every now and then you see someone do something that is unquestionably daft.

    I was in right lane of a 2 lane road, doing normal speed and slowly overtaking an L plater (car) in the left lane. He decides he needs to turn right at the next intersection, but instead of slowing a little and pulling in the the >0.5km gap behind me, he accelerates and cuts me off then hits the brakes.

    I just don't know what to believe any more :tantrum:
  6. one day she will cut infront to get in that gap between the truck and the car infornt...... as the lights go red. it amazes me that people dont get cleaned up more often by stupidly trying to jump into other cars/trucks braking distances,

    i drive a 3 ton 4x4 trayback ute with drum brakes.... that car length and a half gap more then yours is there for a damn good reason
  7. Get yourself a good airhorn then and scare the life outa them! I've been contemplating one for the bike actually. Could get a few laughs out of a horn that sounds like a B-Double coming down behind :demon: