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3rd party property???

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by lord nykon, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. whos the best to goto for 3rd party property insurance
    i have a cbr250 (if that makes anny difrence)

    and i live in QLD

  2. try shannons they are hitting bike insurance up bigtime at the moment , or ring around
  3. what should i expect to pay ruffly
  4. Im From Queensland Also and took out third party property with AAMI when i bought my bike. When i took out the policy it was one of the cheapest around at $89 for 12 months.
  5. Don't try AAMI, they insured me for $125 for 3 weeks and then called me up to say they could no longer insure me because the bike was an import :mad: , i'm with RACV now (You have RACQ i think) and i'm paying $85 a year.

    PS: Make sure you get a BIG lock and always park your bike where it can be easily seen because once it's gone it's gone.
  6. i ended up going with RACQ but becasue im under 25 it costs twice as much :(
  7. I keep saying 'grey bikes have insurance problems' and then people keep popping up and saying 'nah mate mine is insured'.

    The problem is that sometimes you don't find out they don't insure grey market bikes until after you have a crash.

    I do hope you told RACV that your bike was a grey market import before you switched your insurance?
  8. As Geoff says, better check with the RACV. I used to sell insurance in their call centre 3 years ago, and back then imports were a definite no-go.

    Things may have changed since then, but you'd better check now. It would be far better to know you're not really insured now, rather than when you try to make a claim.
  9. I'm insured with AAMI 3rd party at $88 bucks a year.

    Good value if you ask me to know that if I screw up someone else's gear I'm covered.