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3rd lesson

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by shabba, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. Well had a good very good 3rd lesson , went to a different car park this time and , actually went out onto a bit of a road ;) so I'm improving. I must admit I was much better than the first two times with cornering, turning pulling ,away smoothly and slowing to a stop better and I even managed to change up and down gear into second smoothly. Not as tense and love it when it goes fast ! I'm very pleased with myself. Except my normal instructor had a crash with a student just the lesson before mine and he hurt his wrist. Bit worrying So was a different bloke , who was very nice too ;) said I did very well.

  2. good work :) with every lesson and practice you will gain more confidence and become a better rider :) Keep it up...
  3. I know you wrote in your welcome thread that you had a bad experience with a school...but I'm curious as to why you have chosen individual lessons that I spread out over a week or more, as apposed to an intense 2 day training course like the prelearner course?
  4. Don't have the leave or the stamina and felt it was better to do it over a period , I'm not convinced that the intense lesson are good , and they are usually in a group and I wanted specifically 1-1 as I learn better that way ;) and feel like I'm getting more for what Im paying for as in multiple class not 100% of attention is on 1 person. Just the way I am ;) thanks all for your encoragment! ;)
  5. Shabs,you will be the man to go shopping with-in and out of those carparks like the wind.
  6. oh im great to go shopping with, and the age old say when the going get tough the tough go shopping. seriously blab, had a really productive lesson,:))))