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3rd gear highside!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ninja1, May 2, 2011.

  1. Its been just over a year and only now can I sit back and laugh about my big get off. Cranked over knee on deck left hander start to roll on from mid throttle and......GET OFF!
    Heaps of pain ( 1 week i.c.u) and heaps of lost cash to follow( $10k not including bike repairs), anyway just thought I would have a winge.
    There fun when there rubber side down!


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  2. shoulder?
  3. they forgot to take the bike chain out :)

    looked painful
  4. Ha, my shoulder looks the same. Humerus snapped in two and shoulder shattered. Plate is giving me grief now as part of my shoulder has necrosis and the plate juts out a bit. Thank god all of my surgery and rehab is TAC................. :)
  5. Yeah left shoulder and right hand, have to admit I feel and move pretty good considering.Still need to get the hardware removed. Back on the dirt bike for some cross training but dont want to come down hard on it.
  6. You still riding but?
  7. Yep, still riding and loving it. Tossing up whether or not to get the plate out at the moment. Seeing a surgeon in the next week or two.
  8. nice bling yo....
  9. For the newbs..can you describe your high sider a bit more? (ie. what do we not do to make sure the same doesn't happen to us?)
  10. I reckon unless you are riding a 600 or thou its unlikely you'll get spat whilst in third. I'm assuming the OP highsided because they had the back sliding and then it regripped when he hit a different bit of road.

    Only time you might highside something smaller than a 600 in third is if you lock the back whilst cornering and then release the brake OR you hit some scudge on the road.

    So for newbs, its a bit pointless because they'll be riding LAMs bikes that are physically incapable of presenting the OPs situation.

    Only thing you need to know is good throttle control. Steady roll on, steady roll off.
  11. Not quite right there Moden Ninja. You can highside on a 250 or even a 125. Seen plenty of guys with their knees on the ground on both - hell, even scooters. Go into a corner in first with cold tyres and twist the throttle too much on the way out and your bound to get spat off. You will either highside or lowside and I would prefer the latter.
    Please don't be misled and think that you can only highside on a powerful sportsbike - reckon you could possibly even do it on a pushbike if you tried.

    And Devochka, youtube "motorcycle highsides" and winess the carnage.

  12. Yeah, I was on a 05 r1 but if you stuff up bad enough on anything your in trouble.The problem with my stack is I didnt feel as if I was too aggresive in fact I checked the bike over hoping to find a mechanical fault.The worst thing you can do is have a bad fall and not know why!!
    Looking back I obviously over powered out of the turn too early and lost the rear.My advise to the new rider is to get good advise,good techniques,and let the pace and experience come to you naturally. Dont push your ability and luck too far. Ive been riding for over 30years( shit Im old) and came unglued.Hope my missfortune can provide some thought into the other side of riding.
  13. Slip and grip will high side you on anything. Don't need to be spinning up the rear. That just launches you to higher heights.
    And Op I bet they get nervous when you go through the detectors at the airport. That's a lot of metal. All the best mate on getting back to 100%