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3rd gear chatter cbr

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by davey_charlie, May 23, 2010.

  1. Something not so good has happened! got my bike started and went for a quick ride and it seems that 3rd gear has quite a loud chattering noise. could my 3rd gear syncro be stuffed? anyone know how much they are to replace?
    bike is a 2000 cbr 929 ](*,)

  2. didn't know the cbr had a synchro box. it should be a dog engagement gearbox (no synchro's).

    does it chatter on acceleration or deceleration?
    does it jump out of gear? if so, on acceleration or deceleration?
  3. sorry yeah its a dog box.
    yeah its chatters on acceleration and deceleration but doesn't jump out of gear at all. It just seems to be really noisy. it happens as soon as you shift to 3rd. could it possibly be 3rd gears bearing?
  4. just noticed that the speedo is dropping out on 3rd aswell :(
  5. may of sheared a tooth off the gear??
    i have nfi how to check this though..
  6. Most likely to check that, open up the gearbox.
  7. i have to pull the engine, flip it and take it bottom tray off. mechanic is pretty certain its knock off teeth in 3rd
  8. open her up and have a look. sadly it's the only way to know what is wrong.