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3rd Dainese group buy - 2012 range.

Discussion in 'Archived' started by FireRed, Dec 29, 2010.

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  1. I have done two dainese group buys from OS before, on another forum, which worked really well. The first buy i asked on here also but no-one here wanted in.

    This is some of the new 2012 Dainese range, info straight from the dealer, most of it is not even on the dainese web site yet.

    No more piston glove - replaced by 4 stroke

    The rebel pelle

    advantages: you have a frontal thorax protection pocket
    removable nano feel inner lining
    hump in the back
    same d-skinleather
    coming in perforated version in black / black
    or in regular version in black / white / red or black / white / antracite

    the next new one is the alien
    difference is no back hump and no detachable inner lining
    basically same inner as new delmar, just also with frontal thorax pocket, d-skinleather

    Now for the good bit. Pricing :D
    rebel pelle Jacket -$800
    torque out boots -Black- EU45 - $300
    Racing Pelle - White/White/Red - 34/44 $700
    G2 wave back protector - $85
    Thorax armor inserts - $50
    Alien Jacket - $760
    4 stroke gloves- $150

    +aprox $110 postage to Melb split up between whoever buys stuff. Once items arrive in melb, i am happy to send to your individual addresses.

    Who wants what?[hr]
    Oh and if you want perforated leather it has to be black color.[hr]
    If you want something, PM me for bank details, and you'll need to transfer the money into my account and tell me. Im not going to chase people who say 'oh yeah i'll have one too' for the money.

    So far there are 6 people getting items for another forum. Im getting the rebel pelle for myself.

  2. how long do people gave to be "in" on the group buy? (is there a specific cut-off date?)

    I would be keen for the gloves and G2 back protector (+more if I could afford it :p) but need time to sort out funds, sizing etc.
  3. If there are enough people on here who want stuff i'll do an order when there is 6 people or so.
    If you want to get in on the other order, i'll be placing the order in a few days, so you can get in on that if you want.
  4. sorry, just realised that I was thinking it was the shield air back protector, not the G2. (need one for my new summer jacket.) Cant really justify buying the gloves on their own atm, so im out sorry. Hope you get the numbers though :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.