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3PP Insurance with fire and theft policy?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by The Rocketeer, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    i'm planning on getting a new(er) bike soon, but the price for comprehensive almost outweights the cost of the bike!:

    05' GS500F @ approx $7k= comprehensive for me is $4k p/year...
    i've been calling around and no insurance company has a Fire & theft optional policy for motorbikes... 3PP is $227 for me...

    Does anyone have a 3rd party property with F & T policy??

    The obvious solution is to buy a disk lock and pray that no one steals it, and wait till i'm older to get comprehensive... as it'll be much cheaper (with age comes experience and lesser insurance bills).

    I attempted to seach through the maze of threads, but i'm a noob so if there is a thread that HAS A SOLUTION plz link,


    Also 2 put my 2 cents in about learner bikes:
    the reason i'm buying a GS500 over a CBR250 is because:
    $$$ = practically the same about
    Year = few yrs old over a 15+ y.o bike
    power = i have ridden a CBR and compared to my postie it's alot tamer than i imagined... i have yet to ride a GS500... and don't lecture me about learners and too much power!! i ride a postie bike!!!
  2. are you serious $4000 for full comp on a gs500f for you?

    I have a gs500f i am 23 but have full no claim bonus and its only costs me $495 for full comp from QBE...

    also if you show up at the learners northern run on the 4th of feb n still havent riden a gs500f i may let you have a little ride on it, can i trust you?
  3. Hi Rocketeer,

    I am a super-noob but did a lot of ringing around before I settled on SWANN for my bike insurance. Although I ended up on comprehensive initially I was just looking for 3PP+FT.

    The only two insurers I could find that offered FT were SWANN and QBE. I'm in Vic and not sure if QBE and SWANN are national (I would find it odd if they were not) but maybe it's worth starting with them...?

    Hope this helps!
  4. yeah they are both national well in nsw and the act anyway
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  6. Dude, ring them for a quote and say you are with another insurer at the moment - they will offer you 35% no claim bonus, straight up to change to them.
  7. Hi Rocketeer, if all else fales and you cant get the price or the cover that you want try an insurance broker, thats what they do. Might cost you a few bucks but in the long run it could save hundreds.
  8. $1300 lump sum for comprehensive for zx6r. But thats because my dad is the primary rider I'm just secondary.. thats with NRMA. And he's had his rider license for 40 years.
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  10. I got fully comprehensive insurance with Swann for my Cb250 & will do it again with the Hornet 600.