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3G phones??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by removed-6, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Just a question for those that know about this stuff. can I buy a 3G phone and just put my normal sim card into it and use it a a normal phone? I don't really care for the whole 3G stuff, but just want to use it as a phone.

    Can I??
  2. hmmm if you can get the phone unlocked maybe... or if you buy the phone outright from them maybe...
  3. 3g telstra? nextg telstra? 3g three?

    check the phone specs, if it functions on standard digital 900/1800Mhz then pretty much yes, as long as it is not locked to a network.

    the 3g functions work on another supported band which is 2100mhz or utms850mhz which your sim card would just elect not to use.
  4. I have recently purchased a 3G - Next G (UTMS) phone and was able to use my previous sim card (2G ?)in it. I did this during the 48 hours that were required before my Next G card was being activated by Telstra.
    Thus far I seem to have better reception on my Next G phone than I do on my older phone in the Eastern suburbs.
    The internet component worked relatively quickly at PI at the weekend.
  5. i used my nextG via bluetooth to connect to the datapack (you dial #777, or was it *777) anyhoo, i was getting exceptional speed with only 1-2 bars of service. comparitive to a 256-512 adsl connection.
    heaps faster than my 1x evDO modem :)
  6. I use a virgin sim (absolute bare basics 2G network) in my nokia n80 which is a triband phone intended for the 3g networks. I've basically turned off the 3g trawling that it does by default and I use it just like a normal dualband phone of 5 years ago until I get onto a 3g network. Most phones and sims should be fine to use in either case.
  7. ooh also, as a side note, I got screwed over with the first nokia n80 I bought (crazy johns sucks a$$) so when I went to allphones, I demanded they opened the box with the phone and I got to try the phone out with my sim before I bought it. If you're serious about buying a particular phone, make it quite clear to wherever you go to buy it and they may open it for you if they can't give you a categorical answer for whether your sim would work.

    Another side note, there's a lot of merit in the stuff the guys are saying about making sure the phone's not locked to a particular network. You'll find most, if not all, 3g phones have provider software on them. For example, a phone bought at crazy johns will be full of telstra software. Allphones is likely to be Optus. Optus, Telstra and Vodafone bought phones will all have their respective software on the phones. In most cases, it's ultimately just branding in the software however in some cases you may find the phone has been completely taken over by crappy provider software.

    If you're already with a particular provider, I'd recommend getting the best price you can from somewhere that offers phones with software for the provider you're with. e.g. don't go to vodafone and buy a phone if you're with Telstra already. The phone will work, but the software may shit you to tears. Some phones (like phones from 3 stores, are actually locked to a network - don't buy from 3 unless you're currently with 3 .. most other stores don't sell locked phones anymore except maybe voda).
  8. As G said earlier you can stick a 2G SIM into a Next G handset and it will work as a 2G GSM phone, you just wont have access to any of the 3G functions the phone or Next G network is capable of.

    Also be aware there are several different types of SIM Cards out there in 2G land and older phone SIM's don't have the internal memory of the later versions meaning you cant have any decent phone book or other things stored on them.

    Before changing over your phone sit down and save the contents of your address/phone book by downloading or manually writing down all the numbers or you might end up losing the lot which is a pain in the #$%@.
  9. I read an article the other day (can't find it now damnit) which was mentioning about the data transfer rates/caps etc, and how that a LOT of people were being stung with a $500+ bill at the end of the first month (some figures being tossed around was $800+).

    it's not that way with Blackberry enabled phones, as you use the RIM blackberry server in Canada I believe, so I receive limitless emails and send limitless emails without any extra cost... but web based applications will suck your transfer limits dry.

    Morale of the story:- Read the fine print, then read the finer print.
  10. Wouldn't it be cheaper to simply buy a non-3G pre-paid or one off Ebay or something?
  11. They'd have to be really old, then. My first GSM had the phone contacts stored on the SIM. That was back in 1999.
  12. I'm not an expert on SIM's there are different types and for the newer phones you need the "good" SIM Card for it to have enough memory in it to allow it to do all the fancy stuff :wink:

    This came from a co-worker who used to work in a T Shop.
  13. That may well be. However, maybe he's talking about a 3G SIM which is different to a "normal" SIM which, as I understand it, haven't changed since the second genration of SIM cards were introduced. The first ones were the size of a credit card, and I'm talking early 90s, here, too.

    My NextG phone has what is labelled a "3G" SIM in it. I presume that if I plonked it into my wife's 3G/GSM phone that it would work, either in a 3G area or in GSM mode out here where there's only CDMA, GSM and NextG.

    If the OP only wants a basic phone, then he's better of getting a non-3G one. They are much cheaper than the 3G phones and there are plenty of models to choose from.
  14. Yep just want as phone, but like the look and other features of this one that I can get at auction cheap.

    Thanks for the help everyone, technology is not my thing :oops:
  15. She actually :grin:

    I had to upgrade my SIM Card when I upgraded from an Ericsson A1018s to a Nokia 3200 3 years ago and the SIM in the Ericsson was only 2 years old at the time (left handset on roof of car and recovered everything in a million pieces but the SIM, it was the standard small version.

    Two guys in here got indentical new GSM (2G) handsets and only one could use all the calendar and other functions to work? Swapped the SIM's around and both handsets were fine, he needed a newer SIM version and all was good.

    Anyway the OP is happy and that's the main thing. :)
  16. Pretty much every 3G phone on the market also supports GSM but just check the specs and it should look something like:

    Frequency: GSM Quadband (850/900/1800/1900)+WCDMA Triband (850/1900/2100)

    The bold part is the "2G GSM" the underline is the "3/3.5G UMTS/HSDPA"
  17. Dead right mate, thats what my JasJam is set to NOW, dumb ass's didn't when I picked it up.
  18. Sorry.

    I've lost track of the thread. WHO'S a "she"?