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3g internet?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Pommie, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    In a dliemma here. Will be moving sometime beginning of next year to Adelaide. I've just lost my internet connection, so am looking at getting a wireless internet modem from one of the major telco's.

    Friends have been telling me mixed reviews on all of them. Apparently Optus is crap, Virgin is crap, Vodafone is ok, Three isn't too bad, Telstra the best, but very expensive.

    I plan on mainly using it for email, web surfing (forums etc.) and Youtube video's.

    So are any of you guys currently on a plan? Can you let me know how you're fairing, connection speeds good? I need to get it sometime soon.


  2. Hi Pommie,

    I'm on Vodafone's wireless plan - 5gb/$39. Personally I think it's pretty good value - I travel all over south-west Sydney and have good connection speeds most of the time.

    From time to time tho there are dropouts - one minute you're reading the forums then you get a message saying it cannot connect. It looks like the modem is transmitting but not receiving a response - like a DNS failure. Give it a couple of minutes and try again. PITA.

    Also the Vodafone software wont always install - I have XP with SP3 and it comes up with an error message "Cannot find Windows Scripting Host" and stops the installation - I installed the driver manually then went into the Network Properties and created my own connection (dial *99# to connect - no username / password). Connection time is good.

    Can't use skype or VOIP - to slow most of the time. MSN for chat works well. Bit torrent will show the port as being blocked and very slow. Havn't found a way around the blocked port yet - not looking real hard tho as I can use my LAN at work.

    Thats my experience so far (about 4 months) - happy most of the time.

    Wayne :grin:
  3. I have the Three wireless.... no complaints it works pretty well, girlefriend got good coverage on the drive in from Liverpool to the city when she used it on the move.

    I haven't ever taken the modem out of the sydney metro 3 HSDPA coverage area, so haven't tested it out when it drops back onto the Telstra 2g network (wouldn't want to either, they charge you bucket loads!)

    Wired solutions are much better unless you really need the ability to roam around.

    I dont use the Three wireless software - i hate with a passion any crappy software that ISP's try to give you for connectivity. I set everything up manually so i can't comment on the quality of their software.

    Torrenting and P2P work great on my connection, especially after patching the tcpip.sys to allow more half-open tcpip connections.
  4. 3 defaults to the Telstra 2G (GSM900/1800 GPRS) network when you wander outside the 3 coverage area, 3 & Telstra have signed a deal for roaming to Next G in certain area which I think starts some time next year.
  5. Nah, it doesn't default back to the Telstra network when you wander out of the Three network coverage. By default it is set up to just drop the connection.

    There is a setting that can be changed within the modem that will allow it to access the Telstra services, but Three disable it by default as they charge huge fees for this and know there average non technical clients would get the shits if they got unknowingly charged.

    Yeah i herd about that deal, but it will be interesting to see just how much benefits Three's coverage actually receives.

    *edit -

    Yeah i meant 2G not 3G....... it only defaults to Telstra 2G services if the setting is enabled for it to do so, otherwise once off the Three network it will just drop the connection.

    I'll post a screen shot of the setting after i get home for the doubters......
  6. Telstra costs have altered heaps and now there is even a prepaid offer.

    $149 for the device, $80 recharge gives you 3gb to use up in a month no ongoing contracts etc. Coverage and speed is by far better with Telstra Next G.... but only an advantage if you go regional
  7. Well first up I work for Telstra. OK that out of the way, NextG is the fatest, most reliable and expensive option out there.

    So pick the two you want:


    Check out the local area before you go, but I have used NextG since it started and have trialled Optus and 3, my wife uses Vodafone and I can tell you if it was my money I would still get nextG as it works. The others are pretty ordainary unless you live 100mts from the CBD.
  8. in sydney ive found 3g to be ok.

    newcastle/central coast its very patchy.

    go out a little further and you're just about always on 2g. (for any telco)

    speeds are acceptable -ie. better than dialup internet. however, there is no comparison here to what other advanced countries have (mostly due to australian geographical area and low population).

    I use a windows mobile device on HSDPA sharing the connection to a lappy when im working away from the office.
  9. Agreed Telstra's NextG coverage is the best (we use it here at work for the executives and the IT team while we are roving around the country for that very reason), but i know personally that the Three option is a good one, especially when you weigh up the cost.

    Telstra: $89 for 3gb with speeds upto 3mbps
    Three: $29 for 3gb with speeds upto 3mbps

    From experience both usually average out to about 1.3-1.5mbps around my area with the Telstra one usually a bit faster. In the CBD the Telstra one offers slightly better speeds again at the office.

    I live in Horningsea Park which is ~50Kms from the CBD (right on the fringe of their coverae area). As long as you are 100% you aren't going to move out of the Three coverage zones you will be fine.

    In the end it really depends on what areas you are roaming in.
  10. I have a 3 wireless broadband. (I'm on it now)

    3.6mbps (Actual speed just tested - just over 2.1mpbs at www.speedtest.net)

    The HUAWEI USB dongle will automagically update to 7.2mbps when they switch over in the coming months.

    I can't recommend it enough - I run my whole business off this connection, around Melbourne, also in Geelong - it worked straight away and never had any issues, always great coverage always great speeds. (I run it on a MacBook).


    EDIT: But don't use it outside 3g zones as would be up the ar$e to roam onto these, so this might be a factor.
  11. Yeah OK, maybe I should've said you have access to the Telstra 2G GPRS network when you wander outside the 3 coverage area :p