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3D tv

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, May 25, 2010.

  1. ok, who has one? verdict? review?

    whos getting one?

    i will wait till they develop them a bit better as these ones out now was a rush job, wouldnt mind watching origin and world cup in 3D though
  2. 3D movies suck. They give me headaches and I'd rather be able to watch TV/movie without the stupid-arse 3D glasses.
  3. +1 to that.

    Also, TV is crap enough in two dimensions.
  4. Naaascaaaar!!!!
    **slobbers all over beer and corn-chips**
  5. 3D movies would be much better if the screen wrapped around more. Having 3d items that suddenly disappear because the screen isn't right is annoying.
  6. all i got to say is: have fun paying off the loans for these things!

    i just can't help but think that those jumping on the bandwagon to acquire this new "must have" technology are first home buyers and such "struggling" to pay their mortgages.

  7. In a few years when the novelty wears off, they will drop a lot in price. Thats when we'll get one.

  8. meh i call b/s there are lots of us who just upgrade over time (when we have the cash), i have just spent a fair bit of time shopping for a new telly (sooo been living in tv stores), and the mostly shops are filled with grey hair folk, and from what i saw they are the ones looking and dealing....

    as for 3d we decided to skip it for another few years wait and see if it really takes off, as there is bugger all in 3d atm, and too me i couldn't justify the cost for very little % of stuff in 3d
  9. they tried 3d in the 60's and it failed then and it will fail now.. it's a gimmick bit of rubbish, you'd have to be a tool to want to wear 3d glasses in your lounge room to watch the idiot box.

    I can't think of anything more absurd for an adult to want to do while drinking beer and watching the footy. Now oled on the other hand, waiting till 2011 for the new Bravia.
  10. Exactly...was an article in the Daily Telegraph a few weeks ago about this 'poor poor first home buyer couple who weren't coping with the interest rate rises and waaaa waaaa'....ofcourse what it MEANT to say was 'stupid first home buyer couple who didn't factor in rate rises and bought at their limit...oh and check out the flat screen HD tv behind them and all their pretty doodads!'

    Back on topic though...I think the only reason I would want access to a 3D TV would be to watch Avatar, as that's the only thing I've seen in 3D and I was wow'ed by it.
    And I've noticed that it takes about 5mins for my eyes to adjust to seeing the 'pop' of the 3D..so if I was watching sport in 3D..I have a feeling the changes from 3D sport to 2D ads would make me eyes need to readjust every time again and irritate me enough to not be worth it (unless it was for games without ad breaks ;) ).
  11. yeah, saw that. LOL
  12. I noticed last night that 9 Melbourne are broadcasting a trial on ch40. On a standard TV you get two pictures on the screen taken from slightly different angles. Is is possible to do anyting with this or do you need the real 3D TV to get the effect?
  13. so, um, what would people with glasses be wearing?

  14. Hells yeah.=D>

    Lol, I know right? Screw that crap.
  15. i saw it in 3d at VMAX

    and i saw it on my 60" full HD 1920x1080p plasma in 1920x1080p res (big download) (downloaded copy not disc)

    it was better at home on my tv

    i have seen pretty much everything thats been in the cinemas and 3D

    i hate 3D. It, for me anyway, has the opposite effect to the one the film maker intends... rather than feeling IN the movie, watching 3d i feel the opposite...
  16. One word:


    p0rn is the single reason why the internet took off as well as it has. Nothing demands bandwidth like servicing the p0rn data requirements. I worked at an ISP, that at the time was itself a tier 1 ISP with some 300 sub-ISP using its network. I shit you not, close to 90% of all internet data bandwidth was consumed by transmitting pornography.

    p0rn is the reason why the internet took off. It'll also be the reason why 3D television will become the next big "must have".
  17. =D> Wow same with me. I've never felt that I'm 'standing on the outside looking in' - ah-thank-you Jimmy Barnes - more than I have when watching '3d'.

    I felt more 'in the scene' when watching my neighbor undress through the window. 8-[ Joking! Joking! But you get the point, I hope.

    They make it sound as if 3d somehow makes you more 'involved' in the movie, but for me it just makes me feel even more left out. If you know what I mean.
  18. Now THERE's a novel idea! 3D p0rn!
  19. Whilst I must admit I was impressed when I first saw a 3D TV, I wouldn't go buy one. The main reason for me is that we are not actually buying a 3D "TV" ... you are buying (from my understanding) a normal TV that can decode the 3D movie. It is actually the movie itself that is recoded in 3D ... nothing really to do with the TV.

    Now if they release a true 3D TV that requires no glasses and can display all content in 3D (without having to watch "special" channels or buy "special" movies) I will buy one, until then, thanks but I think I will keep my 5k in my pocket.
  20. Not sure how it'll all take off.

    On the radio yesterday, they were stating that you get no more than 2 sets of glasses (some makes one) with TV purchase and additional sets are around $80-$100!
    And they apparently have batteries as well which would need replacing as they wear out.

    So having a few mates to watch motoGP, footy, or whatever will cost you an initial cost of $80-$100 per mate.

    They're only $1 at the cinema!!
    Think I'll give it a miss and go for a ride instead.