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3AW's Neil Mitchell ripping into motorcyclists - again

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mjt57, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Listened to bits and pieces of this guy's radio show this morning. Apparently "hoon" motorcyclists got a guernsey with one guy bragging about how he can do Waratah Bay to Cranbourne in around 43 mins. for a 120km ride.

    The guy actually got "caller of the hour" prize, which caused a few people to call in to admonish Mitchell for "rewarding" hooning. His point was that the guy was honest and open enough to admit his folly.


    Then other callers calling in including one woman who claims she witnessed a bike fatality yesterday. Fellow was supposedly weaving in and out of traffic and came to grief. Another guy reckons that two bikes came up behind him and passed at lightspeed and disappeared "at 200 kays or more". He rang the Rosebud police. Dunno what the outcome of that was.

    So, yeah, all in all not a good morning on this guy's show for motorcycling and its image.

    Then ironically, during an ad break a voiceover which sounded a hell of a lot like Robert Doyle, MEL's new mayor, did an ad for drivers to look out for motorcyclists. Well done and sounded a bit out of place during the bits and pieces on bikes.
  2. For as long as we continue to brag about our behaviour and/or p!ss people off while we're doing it we'll continue to be our own worst enemies.
  3. But Mitchell would do a piece on them anyway, regardless.

    He did qualify his remarks though, he was keen to emphasise 'Some' and 'few'.
  4. That's actually a considerable improvement in credibility for him. Maybe JDK has actually made a bit of progress with him?
    (Still milking the same old cow though).
  5. Yeah, but the stock in trade for Neill is police, hoons, teachers and pollies.

    But of all of the 'shock' jocks he is by far the mildest and a lot of the points he makes are very valid.
  6. A mate of mine made him look like a dip a few years ago... not that its hard.

    Mitchel was having a go at hoon cyclists and made the point that one was 'speeding recklessly' down Studely Park Rd doing up to 60 and riding a meter from the curb.

    My mate made the point that its a 60 zone with a meter wide bike lane. And of course that Mitchell had admitted passing a person who was "speeding recklessly"

    Mitchell said... "Next caller"
  7. :applause: 100% correct
  8. No arguments here either

  9. Says the man telling everyone he would be walking for a long time if caught yesterday :p
  10. He stopped picking on the amount of holidays and class time teachers get after someone pointed out he is only on air for 3.5 hours per day & has several weeks off at Xmas plus a couple of weeks between every ratings period and not counting overseas junkets he gets :LOL:
  11. roarin >>> Yeah, I know :roll: ......... Yesterday I exercised my inner Hoon....... But at least I didnt piss anyone off while I did it.

  12. He's not a shock jock, and if he is, he's the blandest one i've ever heard. Surprisingly, the shock jocks I can think of don't really use motorbike riders as a scratching post.

    2wheelsagain has a good point there.
  13. For as long as we continue to listen to crappy radio stations and pay attention to the dumb ****s that work at them, humans will continue to be our own worst enemies.
  14. Riding a motorcycle has two major advantages:

    1. Agility
    2. Speed

    Sadly the bulk of the human race lacks the following:

    1. Self-control
    2. Responsibility

    When you add all of the above together, you get the following:

    1. A small group of people who do the right thing
    2. A truckload of stupid assholes who don't do the right thing

    That means that:

    1. Most people think motorcycle riders are irresponsible wankers.

    I did the sum in my head and it works :p
  15. I think your calculations are arse about face.

    It's all about a time and a place. Get the time and the place right and no one objects.
  16. +1
  17. Which brings us to the point of, if there were more track days (not just phillip island of course) available, all year round(?), there should be less "hoon riding" on the road.
  18. There are more than enough track days. People just don't like paying for them! $110 for a day at Broadford is great value.
  19. +1

    So true!

    The only thing that's held me back personally has been that I had a little bike and at the time thought that it would be pointless.

    Now i have no excuse! I have money and a means of spending it :LOL:
  20. Track time does indeed temper the need to race on the road, IMHO.

    But cejay's point about time and place is right on the button. You can have as much fun as you want if you choose the right situation, and nobody will give a hoot. Long ago I decided that, if I was 'on it', to ease off when ever I see a car in the vicinity. It's a policy that's served me well, but not too many others are willing to do so. Hence the public outrage.