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3AW Yesterday re: East & Citylink Tolls (Dale Maggs)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Bamm-Bamm, May 20, 2008.

  1. I don't know if anybody listened to this yesterday afternoon at about 5 but let me just say....

    Dale Maggs, you sir are a prize dickhead :roll:

    You blathered your way through an interview with Derrin Hinch without answering a question directly, you made feeble excuses to try and support your point of view and yet you still couldn't come up with one good reason why bike's shouldn't be tolled on Eastlink/Citylink...you may as well have said just cus.

    My blood boiled listening to you carry on like a twat, your a fcuking liability to motorcycling. If your going to call up as a former member of the MRA at least have the intelligence to mount an argument..

    You were asked why if cars, trucks, buses etc...were charged why should bikes be exempt? Instead of coming up with a half credible argument you started sprouting off about bikes breaking down...and them having to be laid down on tow trucks...WTF has that got to do with Tolls??????

    Next time a subject such as this comes up FFS...throw your phone far away! Enough people think motorcylists are clueless without you confirming it for them.

    PS: For the record now that tolls are imminent i don't have a problem paying them...however just to be fair I would like to see Rego's go up by $55 a year for a car/truck/bus blackspot/accident tax...just so we don't penalise a group of motorists for their choice of transport

  2. I didnt hear the actual conversation but AW used some of that for Hinchs soundbite for the next day or so. Hinchy said something like " Im not saying all bike riders are morons, im not even saying many riders are ,but you sir on your own- i call you a moron.."

    or somehting like that. ha ha . My cat wouldve prob done a better job. ;)
  3. I'm glad I didn't get to listen ...
    talk about moronic responses. I wonder if the interview is avail on the net.
  4. Calling JDK, time for an official MRAA statement, including words to the effect that Maggs is not a voice of the MRAA.

    C'mon John my faith is getting better in you guys..... :p
  5. We (or rather JK) will be meeting with the EastLink people to talk about motorcycle issues. Not sure when that will be yet. I'm working on a paper to put to them based on info that the MCCNSW have developed over the past couple of years.

    Anyway - what are you complaining about - the last AMCN used my name instead of Dales in their article on frangible signage. I'm not sure which of us was more offended... :p :LOL:
  6. That wasn't a reference to Dale Maggs but was Hinch's answer to another caller who falsely accused him of calling all riders (see above).
  7. Wow. It's amazing how the story can change. Who knows what Maggs REALLY said, particularly when people are commenting and quoting Hinch, or Maggs as saying something and ending it with "or something like that" or "words to that effect".

    I gotta wonder - did anyone here actually listen to this conversation on 3AW or did we hear it from a mate's girlfriend whose Aunt Tilley was trying to find the Ernie Sigley Hour and to find out what the go was with the Stonnington Shire May Flower Festival?

    This is the MRA's biggest problem - not its members (or lack of) or the allegedly dysfunctional Board - but those who hear something, take it way out of context then go on to make half baked comments based on limited knowledge of the facts and with that in mind, lay the boots into the MRA.

    But hey, don't take it personally. I'm sure that the guys who volunteer their time and energies for The Greater Good don't, even when they're subjected to personal attack after personal attack from those who wouldn't have the energy to get off their lard arses if they were on fire.
  8. Podcast is here: http://www.mytalk.com.au/Podcast/Feeds/35.xml (go 1/2 way in its after 5pm news)

    Let it be known that I was on the phone and speaking with Hinch's staff as Dale was going to air. It was me who got Derryn to say Dale wasn't the MRA Pres any longer. I was about to go on - but they felt that they had allocated enough time to it and moved onto the next topic.

    Thankfully, I believe a few riders got on and made some good points.

    For what its worth - the Sunday Herald Sun spoke to me on Friday - but the journo in question got dragged to another job and his 1st draft got published. He was going to re-write it on Sat with my remarks and corrections to his draft. But, in the editing it got stuffed up. the journo in question rang me yesterday and apologized for what happened.

    Had an article attributed to what I said been published - then there would have been none of the crap on 3AW this week. I hosed the Herald stuff down on 3AW on Sunday morning.

    Mitchell's staff called me at 7.45am Monday and asked if I would like to be interviewed by Neil. As it happened they ran out of time and couldn't fit me in.

    And yes I did have harsh words with Dale about going to air without talking to me first....

    We are working on something to go to Connect East with. Hopefully we will get it done before the end of the week :)
  9. I heard the ENTIRE interview...and Dale Maggs sounded like a knob...I don't have an anti MRA agenda in fact I think they have some good ideas...however the interview between Derrin and Dale was pathetic...
  10. I never said in my quote that it WAS ref to Dale, I was just saying I heard the soundbite later that arvo and knew it was ref to the interview. Here we go again another " he said that ,she said that..."
  11. I realised that because I heard the Maggs interview & follow up calls but the way you composed your post someone who didn't hear any of it would've put two and two together and came up with five hence I clarified it, it was in no way a dig at you.
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  13. Couldn't find it
    any chance since you know to cut and paste that particular sound bite and post it somewhere?

    your views on the interview?
  14. Click on the one for 19th or 20th May. You need to advance half way in to it - find the 5pm news and it is the 1st interview after that.

    You may need to be more persisitent :LOL:
  15. Shows how much the media care about the topic… Of corse if you want to talk about kids hanging around outside MacDonald’s you’ll get lots of air time.
  16. It is under the 19th May, does not work properly in Firefox for some reason.

    Anyway, can someone who has heard the clip please tell me what Dale's point was? What does breakdown have to do with tolls? Why argue that tolls should not be paid at all (including other vehicles) when the discussion was why motorcycles should not be tolled?

    And how 'bout the moron that pays tolls on CityLink on his motorbike! WTF!

    Strange. Strange. Strange.

    ...and I'd like to give the old bag the rang up a boot in the clacker also..... road reg and licensing for cyclists, WTF. :evil:
  17. Careful JDK, I'm getting more pleased! :p
    Credit where it is due. I know you cannot control who mouths off about what, but hosing down the flames is always critical.
  18. And here is the response I received from James Tomkins General Manager - Community
    Relations & Public Affairs
    ConnectEast Group:

  19. Hmmm, lots of ways to charge. Sure is time efficient in that regard less effort for Eastlink. Springvale Rd still looks attractive.
  20. May I summarise
    As much as going to the corp who is making the cash as your first port of call is necessary, I am not surprised that the response is utter bullshit.