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3AW Now!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Churro Monster, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Mitchell sooking bout us using bike lanes

  2. We're getting pumped !

    (I'm still trying to get through)
  3. Ring in and ask him if he would prefer we don't and he wait in traffic longer.... Actually ask him if he'd rather we swap our bikes for 5 seater cars that we'll all drive alone with no passengers so the que's are even bigger than ever for him....
  4. did u hear the old dude( REG ) who said he rides in the bike lane all the time. he sounded bout 70! Mitchell called him a Harley rider and Reg got miffed by that comment. I was gonna ring but Mitchel flamed me last time I called
  5. Radio Talkback announcers are not out there to inspire informed public debate, they are there to make ratings through creating violent irrational argument, and promoting there own narrow minded right wing agendas.
    If you disagree with any of them they will just use the fact that they have control of the mic to maximize there impact and deride any dissention.
  6. Interesting. I have a different perspective than most here. I do about 300 + klicks on the pushy most weeks and sometimes dont even start the motorcycle. I don't ride in bike lanes very often at all. Cos most of the serious cyclists in the area know me.. and know stealth Kat. (amazingly they seem able to see it) But I,ve decided that I dont mind motorcycles in the bike lane at all. Cos they A) kick some of the glass that towies seem incapable of sweeping up back into the road = less flats. and 8) Motorcycle hits door = screwed door. Tends to cull out the door openers a bit.

    So with the proviso that they are guests.. and shouldnt hold me up I have no prob.. and most of the people I know agree. Isnt Mitchel anti cyclist anyway.. I heard him raving about some lycra lout riding a metre from the curb and hooning doing almost 50. He shut up when dutch rang up and pointed out the metre and a half wide bike lane.. and that the speed limit was 60 and to call someone a hoon while admitting you had just passed them wasnt that bright. "Interesting viewpoint" he said and cut Dutch off.

    I would ring up and have a go but everyone here thinks I'm working
  7. You can't win with those radio jocks. They're basically like your high school bully. They have to have the first and last say. And seeing he has access to the button to disconnect your call, he can do that whenever he doesn't like what you're saying and he'll just say something about your point of view that you can't respond to.
  8. Heres a statement neil mitchell can debate on his radio
    "the only people who listen to him are old people , insecure people and drunks at the tab "
    He is a arse , and until he is happy to debate both sides of a issue properly he will allways be an arse .
    That is the majority of his demographic, now watch all the posts come flooding in about his power , his pull, and everything else.

    why the statement
    his demographic is older people , no one can deny that , all the old folks listen to him because they dont like the music of today , not because they find him interesting.
    Ask an older person why they listen to the ABC or 3AW and many will say it.

    insecure people wel thats broken into two parts
    1. like riders , worrying about what neil says , that he is dissing us and then getting on the phone and argueing with him , so he can cut you off or not put you on the line because you will prove him wrong.

    2.people who worry more about what others think than living life.

    and drunks at the tab to get race results , ie 3AW and ABC footy , horse racing etc.

    personally I dont give a flying fat black rats arse what he says , i would rather listen to the soothing tones of music that you may enjoy than listen to some wanker push his own political "shock jock" wheel burrow.
    No shock jock is going to debate an issue fairly or be honest.

    There was a shock jock , famous one in sydney who was running down the gun lobby and sporting shooters , but when someone rang and asked how many guns he had , they were cut off.
    someone then asked how many clubs he was with and they too got cut off.
    Here he was dissing registered gun owners who belonged to shooting clubs , law abiding citizens , but neglected to tell the public he had guns , but wasnt a owner of a club.

    forget mitchell , and the rest of these clowns
    talk with your fingers , CHANGE THE STATION , and find a station that will play music you like , life is too short to listen to over opinionated bastards ( including me) , get on with living and enjoy life.
  9. I cant believe, that you assume that cause i listen to 3AW, that I have no life, am old, gamble and walk around worrying what others thnk of me. I posted this thread casue its always good to listen to anything that relates to us, good or bad. And i do live and enjoy my life thankyou very much. Groberts, you need a coffee and chocolate bar. :wink:
  10. I would have to agree with groberts Curtaingirl,not about the whole listening demographic of 3AW,but totally about Mitchell and other shock jocks,I remember watching him and Hinch cachortling to each other like school prefects while being interviewed by TV,saying how "thats the burden of responsibilty I have as a pillar of society-and fully believing it from the facial expressions and eyes, you absolutely have no chance with these wankers,he pushes what ever wheelbarrow,political or topical,that public opinion sways too,in fact they actually influence public opinion and cater whatever political party is in power or issue in in the spotlight,all under the premise of being the moral fabric of society,what a crock of sh*t
  11. I agree with groberts, these AM radio stations are relics in the making, there are bugger all people listening to these grey haired panic merchants.

    Go walk out into a busy shopping mall or the CBD, you’ll find that an iPod or a cell phone is a permanent fixture attached to 2 out of 3 people, nobody is toting around a little AM transistor radio are they?
  12. I did say "That is the majority of his demographic" , not all :grin:
  13. Lucky for you you naughty boy......
  14. I tuned in to Mitchell's show about 20 mins. ago. He had, at the end of the show, a recap, including talking to the "Harley rider". Unfortunately it was just an excerpt, but he made the point that we expect car drivers to obey the rules, drive safely etc. but made the point that we choose to obey whatever rules that we think we should obey or not obey.

    Really, this is an image issue. People who don't ride bikes listen to that crap and think, yeah, they're all lawless hoons. Particularly when someone monos past them in peak hour traffic and scares the crap outta them.

    It's a PR thing.
  15. Hey groberts in these days of political correctness you cant say things like that.

    To help you out I'll translate it into a slightly more acceptable form;

    "Airborne Rotund Non Reflective Rodents Rectum" :wink: :LOL:

    PVDA here to help.....
  16. I will .. if you check the radio surveys from Nielsen approx. 40% of his listeners are aged 40 and over. That means the majority aren't. 3AW also consistently rates as having the highest number of listeners of all radio stations in Mitchell's morning timeslot.
  17. radio and tv ratings are dependent on homes only and the number of tv's/radios on at the time.
    More older people of that demographic stay home and listen to the radio hence Neil mitchell.
    The ratings mean nothing.
    Younger people listen to ipods/watch tv or are working.
    the ratings mean jack shite.
  18. Yep Nielsen ratings do not, for example, give an indication of what people listen to at work or in the car (the main places people actually do listen to the radio during the day). Also keep in mind that Nielsen ratings don't take into account what happens outside capital cities (far more AM radio listeners out in the country).
  19. Incorrect

    Or driving around as couriers/truck-driver/reps etc with their radio on, or sitting at a desk with a radio on, etc.

    If you knew how the ratings surveys for radio media works, then your assumptions wouldn't be so baseless and incorrect.
  20. Incorrect. You should know how the radio ratings system works if you going to attempt to discount it.