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3AW Neil Mitchell This morning 2/5/08

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by vic, May 2, 2008.

  1. Neil will be talking about a new campaign from the Government that is to target Motorcyclists.

    He said that even he was surprised about this move.

    Might make interesting listening

  2. Herald Sun has an article. Lots of Yap, no detail. It's a Federal initiative.
  3. got any links....to to the article?

    Sorry can never figure out how to work online news.....it's just so busy links and ad's and shit everywhere :(
  4. Can't get the broadcast ATM, but from the article, looks like Albanese has gotten his 'facts' from the usual MUARC/Vicroads policy consortium.
    I'll wait and see I suppose, but I can't help feeling...
  5. From the sound bite I heard, it seems like it was on early this morning with a call on air with the PM.

    But FWIW, you can listen live online here if you can't get to a radio
  6. Which conflicts greatly with the facts according to the ATSB and Monash Research Centre.
    Not to mention the fact they've missed the most obvious bit that a 31% increase in rider deaths over the last decade is not necessarily a bad thing, given that the number of bikes/scooters on the road has increased by 36% in just the last 4 years :roll:.
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  8. So true. Just look at the first comment underneath that article.

    First Rudd increases the price of drinking (solely to save binge drinkers from themselves of course) - now he'll probably find some financial way of discouraging people from riding (solely to save us from ourselves of course).

    It's all looking like the start of a downhill slide to a world of non-drinking, politically correct, conformist drones in Prius'.
  9. I've got $50 that says the first initiative will be........Front Number Plates!
  10. Might be something to do with the ad campaign that's coming out featuring Chris Vermeulen?
  11. But probably only for bikes over 125cc - otherwise it'd cost the Government a fortune fitting out all the AusPost bikes (I'm sure that's the reason for the <125cc exemption on the $50 safety levy).
  12. I received a call from 3AW News at 7.45am this morning requesting MRA comment. I said I hadn't read the article and asked for time to get it and digest it. They asked me to call them back, which I did at 8.25am.

    They interviewed me and played a bit back in the news at 9am and after that it seemed to get lost. I also got a call from ABC national and they gave me a good bit of air time in which I spoke about the Motorcycle and Scooter Safety Summit last month and spoke about the recommendations which came out of there.

    I opened the ABC interview by stating that I hoped that the Feds and states wouldn't cock it up and that the outcome of the Summit would drive their debate.

    I can't find the Podcast - maybe someone else can find it?

    This came out from Honda today:

  13. Subsidised, regular training for all riders, not just new ones.
  14. +1. Personally, If my rego came with a $56 rider training voucher I'd be happy to pay the levy. Though I think regular training for all road users would be better. :)
  15. With any government announcement, you've got to ask, 'What's driving this?'.

    Unless there's a Brumby-style hidden agenda that we haven't seen yet, the only thing that comes to my mind is that the statement is somehow tied to the recent summit. If that's so, there's even a possibility that it could be a good thing. Imagine a government taking notice of it's own advisors!
  16. That's what I'm thinking.

    Rudd is looking like he'll shape up as a right fcuking ****.
  17. The paper they are quoting from is data presented by the ATSB at the Summit. There is a problem here - the Motorcycle Safety Consultative Committee hasn't made any recommendations yet out of the Summit (and won't till one of our members comes back from the International conference in Norway this month- attended at his own expense with contributions from AMC and member organisations - no govt help of course).

    Not only that - this speech appears to have come from nowhere with the relevant people in the department not knowing of it till I sent them the news article saying WTF?

    It looks to me to be some platitudes cobbled up out of the figures so that something could be said at this meeting. Pity they couldn't have said something from the Summit instead!
  18. Of course.

    Never mind the parasites who take off overseas during the winter break for the hell of it racking up tens of thousands of dollars in travel and accomodation, food and drink expenses for some bullshit "study" tour.

    We really are in the wrong business. I'd love to get the perks that these politicians and pubic servants get. It's a shame that we can't see value for money.
  19. Okay this is related... its for QLD but I think we should attack this like communism. We don't want this stupidity spreading. Just make up a Qld postcode when you fill out the survey. They don't play fair... so I see no reason why we shouldn't boost our numbers.

    The government "paper" is clearly focused on introducing levys and extra licence fees for riders, as well as front plates. Not to mention a bunch of other stupid ideas that were dealt with 10+ years ago.

    This is the link to the QLD topic.