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3AW - Birds on Bikes segment

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tim^, May 9, 2007.

  1. Neil Mitchell and 3AW have sent 3 fine ladies to learn to ride. They have been doing segments on it over the last few weeks.

    This is a link to their web page, with about 10 pics ( slow for dial up ), as well as some audio from their on air conversations.

    Link works in Firefox, but IE seems to work better.


  2. It's called "Birds on Bikes" yet they ride scooters?

    Jesus, anyone who needs that much training to get on a freakin scooter needs to stay off the road.
  3. :WStupid:

    Scooters should be illegal.

    so should city only 4 wheel drivers.
  4. Why do we care again?

    None of them are hot.
  5. The man is thinking logically.
  6. Scrags on Scoots? :LOL: :LOL: :rofl:
  7. I don't see it as being a bad thing. Who knows...it might inspire other women to get out there and do something different. We can't all play Tuesday afternoon social tennis! (Not that that's a bad thing - my g/friends play it and I sometimes go and cheer them on - act as the girl who runs after the tennis balls) :)
  8. mouth
    definately! great title. how about 'scrags on battery powered units'?

    im disapointed they put em on scooters. woman deserve more credit than that!
  9. I think one of them ended up on a motorbike...
  10. They were on the radio this morning, but the latest sound bite hasn't been put on the web site yet, but, they did point out, they are so excited about the feeling/freedom of being on a bike/scooter/whatever .. they also mentioned how they think that riding a bike has made them better, more aware cagers already .. all good as I see it .. be nice to have some positive media people in the fold.

    I tried emailing one of them earlier for them to visit this site, who knows if they will or wont take up my invitation. All I know is they are currently very excited about being on 2 wheels, much as I was when I first found NR and just wanted to read as much about learning to ride as I could.
  11. interesting!

    neil's a nong and we should just turn off; 3 chicks on 2wheels and we switch it back on!

    i think he might be having a chuckle.
  12. Yesterday was the usual for Mitchell but they brought up the point, which I think everyone on here also agrees with, that you can go and do your "L's" & "P's" on an automatic scooter and when once your Restrictions finish jump onto a litre bike :shock:

    VicRoads really needs to address this before examples of scooter riders on big bikes killing themselves start happening.
  13. OK Mouth think of the I suspect (inadvertant) acronym there.....

    "the SOS squad...." :p
  14. I've always appreciated and admired Flip's intonation.
  15. I don't think the woman are particularly awful looking...In fact...better the more normal looking bunch of girls than some silly-asked bunch of Paris Hilton types.

    Yeah, they're on scooters, but so what...any positive spin on Bikes is good for all of us...

    Not sure why it's being done, but I remember contacting Neil via another thread a few weeks back, about getting out there and giving it a try himself since he spent alot of time canning bikes, and now this...maybe our collective response to him prompted some positive interest.

    Whatever...it's positive spin.

  16. It's a scary thought.

    Can't understand it , they had all those bikes in the back ground and then put them on little scooters.
  17. That was at HART All of teh CB250's they use for training.
    Small Scoots are cheaper, and for a promo like this the Radio station is not going to want to fork out more than they have to.

    I find it interesting that someone here sugested that Mister Mitchel get on the back of a bike, and instead they have found some ladies to do it on his behalf.

    Looks like he is more of a girl than the ladies are.

    As for weather they are hot or not... Who cares?
    They are people who are giving it a go. who are you to dis them?
  18. Try to remember these women hae more than likely never been on a motorbike of any form at all.

    If they are like most of us, its been years since throwing the leg over a pushbike.

    Im sure a scooter sitting beside any kind of motorbike, 250 or not, is going to look a lot less menacing and difficult to ride.
    Good on them all for doing something different, if all they ever do is ride scooters then thats fine and a great thing for all of them.

    We get treated like crap from most car drivers and are constantly saying "Get them on a bike for a week and we'll see how they like it".
    Yet when it happens we are bagging them.

    Cant blame anyone from being apprehensive about riding motorbikes when they feel like they have to be perfect before they even begin.

    I say give the ladies a break, i hope there are more out there just like them.
  19. Well look at the photos on the page, about two thirds down, one of the women is on a bike and the pic is titled:

  20. Personally I think that's a bloody good thing. The more training the better.