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3AW and Scooters

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by mjt57, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. Below are two links to MP3s that I recorded yesterday and today. The first one is Neil Mitchell talking about scooters and an interview with Vespa Australia or one of its dealers.

    Second is today's show (Thurs. 10th Aug) with Ernie Sigley, talking about scooters and with three talkback callers.



    Probably best to right click and "save target as". It'll be quicker to load and play, particularly if you're on a slow connection.

    Each file is around 2.5 megs each.

  2. so if the freeway is blocked your can use the emergency lane???? Really??

    Is there an umbrella for when it's raining??

    some people are as thick as a brick.
  3. What's a brief summary of both?

    I intentionally didn't listen to Mitchell as his intro was all about 'stupid scooters'.
  4. you're not wrong. 'do they have a cover' weirdos. :roll:
  5. depends how big your windshield is i guess :LOL:
  6. Well Derrr, gee Drew, dont ya know scoots are alowed to as there such safe riders, thats why they dont need to wear safty gear :p
  7. file 1 is about riding scooters on a car licence. Sales guy from "VESTA" (that's what the presenter called it) made a few comments as to why people are getting scooters. Fuel, parking, congestion

    File 2 is general chat about people riding scooters in general .... about 3 nongheads (do they have covers for riding in the rain?? :roll: ) and 1 Lady who rides a scooter and though it was great

    can't be stuffed listening again to see if i missed bits.
  8. oh i thought it was the kevlar mini skirts and high heeled safety sandals that made them so safe........ or the astounding gyroscopic effect of the bike that keeps em upright
  9. interesting thing in the first article is that the Vespa guy says Piaggio are bringing out an economy model Vespa for around the 2g's mark. Obvious proof that Vespa are missing out on the budget scooter market.
  10. I haven't listened to the mp3's but I remember hearing Mitchell talking to a different caller yesterday who offered to put him through an "L's" course on a scooter and he was genuinely keen to try it so fingers crossed it might change his opinions but then again his opinions tend to follow those of his listening audience so we'll have to wait and see.......