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3AW advertisers

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by MONKEYMAN, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. 3AW has taken a strong anti-motorcycle/bicycle stance in the community.

    If you ride a motorcycle/bicycle you may wish to exercise your power as a consumer when choosing to purchase a product or service.

    these are the companies i have noted to date that pay 3AW to represent them... i will edit as i note and add more... or feel free to add any you note and can verify yourself >

    Toyota http://www.toyota.com.au/home?WT.srch=1&WT.mc_id=SEM|Brand|Brand|Toyota&gclid=CMHq3YHa4aICFQu-bwodtg5zww

    Racv insurance http://www.racv.com.au/wps/wcm/connect/internet/primary/insurance

    The Good Guys http://www.thegoodguys.com.au/portal/page/portal/tggwebportal

    National Builders http://www.nationalbuilders.com.au/

    The Investing Times http://www.investingtimes.com.au/

    (note: i have no interest in engaging 3AW in any way shape or form to debate their company policies or opinions... that is their right to which they are entitled and i fully respect that.)
  2. I'm disappointed to see the RACV on that list.
  3. I have a meeting in the racv club regularly. Most of the people I see in there I have no difficulty imagining them listening to 3aw.

    I think if we're hoping companies won't spend their advertising dollar at 3aw we will need to tell them. Advertising decisions arebased on circulation / listener numbers and demographic breakdown and 3aw is a sweet spot for a demographic many businesses are targetting.
  4. Can anyone draft up a letter on the lines of "sorry I am no longer interested in purchasing the Toyota Camry due to your support of anti-motorcycle campaigns on 3AW" maybe something like that??
  5. This is brilliant. Should be a sticky in the politics forum.

    Even sending the link to the advertisers would be enough to frighten them. In some occasions it has taken only one person to change policy at a large corporation.
  6. I have two RACV house insurance policies due for renewal next month: the reason they will get for not renewing with them will be their support of 3AW, & 3AW's anti motorcycle campaign.

    I've already found a better policy elsewhere, but after 15 years with RACV (plus being a Club member) someone, somewhere might actually take notice.
  7. i hope you write them a lengthy letter about it too
  8. Hitting him through his advertisers is a good strategy. Thanks for the list above Monkeyman, I intend to do some letter writing. I would advise that you do it by plain letter and stamp snail mail. Strangely enough companies attach more weight to a letter than to electronic communication and the feel obliged to respond. We need to check and make sure of the advertisers to make this strategy work though.

    Here is an example letter, you are welcome to take whatever you can from it. It is best if letters are customised for each product and this is just general so hack it around into your own version.

  9. thanks Goz, wow that's a big list i will need many more stamps.
    i don't now how current that list is though, if it's past and present business.
    i just put the station on the radio and kept a note pad handy.
    perhaps though i might note down a new advertiser that way... and if they were to recieve a letter more immediately after shelling out for their new add, the impact may be greater.
    i did not enjoy my listenning experience very much though btw... they frequently played that speeding add, maybe from the TAC i think?... the "we"ll catch you before someone gets hurt" theme... but on 3AW the version of the add has a police offficer (actor) spliced into the add commenting on a "speeding motorcyclist" who he tries to save i guess, but no too late the "speeding motorcyclist" crashed.

    i listenned to the footy, which was ok... but everytime a team kicked a goal they'd play The Good Guys theme in the background "na na naa na naaa na na naaah"... that was really quite absurd haha.

    but hey, a lot of people listen to 3AW, so umm, good for them i guess, just not my cup of tea.
  10. yeah, my fat spouse wants a new car.. just a little girly hatchback type thing.
    had short listed a few to go and look at on Tuesday., so as she can organise test drives etc.
    guess the Toyota Yaris just got crossed of that list.
    .. ok by me, less time spent shopping with fatty 8-[, plus i get to take a moral stand and lay down the rules for a change \\:D/ *win*
  11. Trouble is your "average" motorcyclist isn't your standard 3AW listener so the advertisers wont really be worried by this, would be much better if it was a more youthful radio station.

    Has anyone approached Derryn Hinch as he seems to enjoy stirring up Mitchell and he's on the same radio station.
  12. You will be awarded the Motorcycling Legion d' Honneur for your selfless sacrifice. :)
  13. Where is Toyota on the list? I know they're sponsors but it's not in their business directory.
  14. That's irrelevant. If they think they are going to lose too much business or damage their branding because of where they choose to advertise, they will seriously consider pulling their advertising. Doesn't matter if it's due to the listeners or not.

    He's as big a fvckwit as his counterpart, only he has less credibility to show for it. Why would we want to have any association with a shock jock at all?

    There are far better sources that people use to inform themselves so they can develop their opinions. We'd be better served pursuing those and let Vicpol deal with the dickheads.

    The problem with going on 3AW wasn't the rubbish that was said, or how badly the interviews were handled, it was just going on there in the first place and adding to their credibility that did the most damage.

    That was too obvious a mistake, one that should never be repeated.