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3am on plenty rd...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sweeris, May 21, 2007.

  1. Just something I want to share. I never been in a situation where there absolutely no cars on the road. I was jus coming out from a friends place near bundoora square and head back 2 latrobe uni on plenty rd. I didnt c a car in sight. the road was deserted. I was expecting to c a car or 2 but I didnt c a single car. I might go out on a ride like that again and take longer trip.

  2. If you do, see if you can D a car or even N or M a car or maybe Z a car.
    In fact why not just use the whole friggin alphabet?
  3. STFU :grin:

    /if I was Sweeris.

    Yes, there's nothing like the ghost-town ride.
    "Hmmm no-one's around... c'mon 250... power mono please..."
  4. Roads with no cages. . . time to work on your top speed number.
    Don’t worry about smee, he’s got a bug up his arse.
  5. how'd you crawl up there??????? :shock:
  6. It is always a little creepy when that happens.....like 28 Days later creepy.
  7. Seen 28 Weeks Later yet?!?!??

    It's insane!

    Take the GF, she'll cling to you all scared and cute for DAYS.
  8. I had that heading into the city on the Monash somewhere past Toorak Rd at around 4 - 4.30am some time back....not a car (or anything else for that matter) in sight...it was certainly eerie.... :shock:
  9. Nah, I don't reckon the wife would be interested.....mind you, I COULD say we are seeing Shrek 3 :twisted:
  10. i finish work at midnight each night, i get this all the time whenever i take the bike to work

    how's the serenity. when no one is around you get tempted to do things you normally wouldn't, like bike dancing and speeding.

    ever fanged down the motorway at 1am, rocking out to Demon Days on your earphones? stop bopping only long enough to overtake that Territory, then keep on dancing? till your wrist comes off the throttle long enough for the car to catch up and illuminate your dumb-ass rocking-out in it's headlights?

    yeah. my neither.
  11. I didn't say "wife", I said "GF" :p
  12. Are you sharing because you didnt know that most people are sleeping at 3 in
    the morning? or is it because you were bored at kindy today? [​IMG]
  13. 'Tis a whole new world out there once ya old enough to be allowed out after dark eh?? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. ahha reminds me of my mates aquaplaning into a tree in his car in the wet at 3am.. none around on plenty road
  15. I love it when there is next to no cars on the road, Take your plate off and it becomes your personal race track and the red lights mean go even faster.

  16. Hmmmm yes until you do hit an intersection with a car coming through :shock: :?

    Let me know how that goes for you :p

  17. i tried to make it my personal track but there was some dumbass in a riced out white car with blue stickering on it there to ruin my fun. they shouldnt be out at 2am
  18. ](*,)