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39 signs of drunkeness

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ezyryder, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. BUREAUCRATS have drawn up an official list of intoxication symptoms, so pub owners can tell when patrons are drunk.

    Among the 39 steps towards drunkenness are: "bumping into furniture", "sleeping at a bar or table" and "inability to find one's mouth with a glass".

    The intoxication guidelines, drawn up by the New South Wales Office of Liquor and Gaming, were distributed to club and pub managers last week. Staff are supposed to use them in determining when to refuse alcohol to patrons.

    http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,23972901-2,00.html for the list

    Yeah, great. So look out if you have a disability or speech impediment, have had a stroke, can't sing the lyrics to whatever song may be on, can't dance very well or simply have one or more of the listed 'signs' as a personality trait...

  2. The new guidelines are irrelevant really - of course pub owners and staff can tell when people are drunk. Although I love that one of the signs of being intoxicated is 'over-friendly' - watch out if you're too nice or you'll get booted out :)

    No, the real significant part is this;

    So legally owners can't ignore anyone who's had too much to drink now, whereas previously if someone was drunk its up to the owner whether to let them stay or not.

    Whats the point? Obviously if someone is being aggressive, etc. chuck them out. But if someone is just slurring... sorry not allowed, get out.

    This is the most politically correct, yet in reality totally ill thought out piece of legislation for a while..
  3. They forget to menshun and inibility to spel:
    10. Difficulting walking straight
    22. Agression
  4. Even though I don't drink, I'd probably still get booted :shock:
  5. For the Victorian RSA, the guidelines instruct that any symptoms must be accompanied with the smell of alcohol. (I.e. can barely stand and smells like a brewery.) It still is very much depending on the server to make the call, and keeping in mind, "The person is still a customer we want to keep... just not while intoxicated.", So unless being used to deliberately exclude a customer, they are likely to give the benefit of the doubt to the customer.
    Nothing more then propaganda to show "Hey, we're doing sumfing!"
  6. Ha! I think I exibited all 39 points last night and still didn't get thrown out :LOL:
  7. Too bad if you forget your keys, jacket, phone, dignity etc etc and want to go get them the next day.
  8. Go go go Johnny go. Johnny B goode
  9. They're in a pub. How is the server NOT going to smell alcohol?? :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Hmm the majority of that list could be applied to toddlers. I guess my kids must have been hitting the liquor cabinet when I wasn't paying attention :LOL:
  11. Quick question:

    ... does anyone know of a decent bar or club in Sydney where the music isn't so farking loud you have to yell your conversation, and you don't have to line up at the bar for 45 minutes get a freakin' drink?

    I was at World Bar on Saturday night, and it was shit.
  12. What are you looking at???
  13. Well I'm F#*ked:
    And so is everyone else, in every pub, in existance:
  14. why dont they just ban alcomahol from all bars, pubs, clubs, hotels, taverns and inns then it wouldn't really be a problem would it
  15. Just completely ban alcohol?... except for Victory Gin, right?