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364 days to go but who's counting?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rolla, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Hi all,
    Just a quick note to tell everyone that i got my license yesterday. 'L' plate is now hanging up at HQ.
    Thanx to Tony down at RideTek.

  2. ME ME ME is counting [-o<

    i got my Full
    (on restrictions still though ) 30th December 2005 :applause:

    am down to 321 days to go :-({|=


    i am hungry for a bigger bike =P~
    and am enjoying just dawdling along on my LTD 250 Duck :applause:
  3. Well done, Dave. :grin:
  4. Congratulations, i hoping to get mine off within the next month or two.
    How was the test?
  5. OOPPZZ appologies ROLLA Congtrat's matey :applause:

    getting my P's was
    East Peezy [-o< at MTA in dandenong
    Great instructers Mike and Ricko :biker:

    and a fully explained and understandable test

    the best part is i am a fully licenced driver and don't have to display my P plate :applause:
  6. Congrats!! Im gettin my licence next month, be good to get off Ls, then 12 mths to go doh, cant wait to upgrade !
  7. Congratulations!!!

    I also went to MTA Jo, love them down there.
  8. Test wasn't hard although i did almost stuff it completely. Damn traffic lights. :p
  9. Congrats Dave....remember dont look at the lights :shock: :shock:

  10. Well look at the Lights
    BUT don't pre Judge what they are going to DO

  11. Congrats Dave ... Ridetek are great, and tones knows his stuff :)
  12. Huh? Green lights _always_ change to amber. So be prepared, and don't be come a red light runner.
  13. Not the lights used for L's and P's, testing for correct response to emergency scenario :) I think you'll find that's what tones was talking about.
  14. ====================================
    Kraven wrote
    i hoping to get mine off within the next month or two.
    How was the test?

    i Revilo
    was talking about the P's test not the road lights :shock:
    revilo wrote:
    Well look at the Lights
    BUT don't pre Judge what they are going to DO

    * I am sure TONES meant the same thing also *

    :shock: sigh back in the kitchen for me :roll:
  15. What you need to do is move to the NT, do a course called the advanced riding course run by METAL then you don't have to wait. :)

    Hehehe, i'm getting around on a 750 after only getting my P's last April.


    And no demerit points! Its going to suck in 3 months when i have to change my license over to Vic.
  16. Yeps....P's test lights. Best thing is to not look directly at them, but focus beyond them so you can recognise what lights in your periferal vision. When you focus on them you start to decide of a point of no return and then decide on a backup plan. In other words you decide as soon as a light comes on, you will be left with only one option, the one you have decided upon. If it is different, then one of two things happen. Either there is an increase in reaction time and you demonstrate the skill, but not to your ability. Or you try and react with one skill whilst performing your decided skill as well. For example try and swerve whilst emergency braking (usually hurts).

    Thanks for the compliment Jase :grin:

  17. Well done on passing your 'P''s..

    Ridetek are doing a great job getting our membership licensed.. Keep up the good work..

    btw, i suggest you dont count the days.. I have 6 months to go and the first 6 months has felt like 6 years... Just enjoy riding and the time flies..
  18. Well done Rolla! \:D/
  19. Well done Dave. \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

    :grin: :grin:
  20. Congrats man, thats good news. I gotta get my restricted full's and then 1 year from that day!! :-(