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36 000 service cost

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by mr_messy, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I've got a 2007 Suzuki gsxr750 .
    I've booked a 36000 service with p/s in the city and I've been quoted $631.
    To me this sounds quite high considering all their other ones cost about the $300 mark.

    I realize it's major service. Whats actually involved? my owners handbook stops at 24 000km

  2. This guy I met on a ride got charged the same amount for a 12000 km service for his 2008 ninja 250 at ps city. Does seem expensive.
  3. That's quite the small fortune.

    I would of gone out and buy my own tools to do the job with that money, oh wait, i did. I did my own 6k service on a 07 zx10r as a n00b backyard mechanic.

    In the future, if you have a workshop manual for the bike at least you could do the basics yourself if they are due. these should be do-able:
    * Oil / filter.
    * chain adjustment.
    * Brake bleed.
    * radiator flush.
    * brake pads
    * clutch cable adjustment
    * idle adjustment.
    * Spark plugs and air filter if need be.
    * valve clearance

    In very rough order of difficulty (easy to hard).

    You could also remove the fairings and do a thorough inspection by eye and take notes of frayed/old rubber bits and hoses and anything that might look odd or need replacing (and take more effort than it's worth to DIY).

    If you need something like a head stem bearing lube job you're probably better getting them to do these things.

    Get another quote after you've done (some or all) of the above. Show them your notes.

    If every single one of those items were due, then i'd pay the dosh
    because thats too much work even for me.

    And to answer your question: Just phone them up and ask.
  4. I wouldn't take any bike I owned to Peter Stevens for servicing anyway, an independant mechanic usually does a far better job for about the same if not less money.
  5. Just call around and get quotes... easy
  6. By way of comparison, that's about $100 more than PS charged me for both the 6,000 and 12,000 services on my Suzuki GS500. The 500's manual says to do the valves every service - that's the bulk of the expense AFAIK.
  7. The GS just has screw tappet adjusters, right?

    Might be worth learning to do yourself. It's quite easy on most bikes.

    I honestly don't know how you guys afford to keep riding.
  8. minor on the ZX14 is about $350

    Major on the ZX14 is about $550

    Major including checking the shims (only every 24000 thank god) about $800

    Im saving up for my next shim job next spring.

    the bigger the bike, the more you have to spend servicing the sucker.

  9. Phew, $800 is a lot of dosh.

    Surely if you can find TDC on something like that you can measure the clearences yourself - they might be in and not need to be changed at all? Could be a fun project to sit down for a couple of hours and do.
  10. Buy a good workshop manual. Best money you will ever spend. Half the fun of owning a bike is looking after it. Lets face it, a bike is like a GF, regular services keep it happy and purring.
  11. Fix it myself ??

    Been there, done that Phucked it up ..... expensively

    I would rather pay someone who know what they are doing.

    $800 for a service including the shims on a zx14 is pretty reasonable I think, apparently they are a biatch to get at

    bout the only thing I will do these days is change brake pads.

  12. its all good and well servicing it yourself... but you still need a stamp in the book if you want to keep your wty
  13. Hey thanks for the replies.

    I've been doing DIY stuff myself and you may have seen my posts about replacing the chain, and how I stuffed that up by cutting it too short, and now I've got a total of 3 master links on the bike. Two of which are from another brand of chain manufacturer. They're smaller as well.

    I normally do my own things, brakes, fluid changes/top ups, small mods, etc. Just the adjustment stuff within the engine I'm not comfortable with. May do my own spark plug changes though, after I get my velocity stacks as I'll need to open it up around that area. :)
  14. velocity stacks? lol people still get them?
  15. Yea I recon I'll enjoy the acoustics along with the exhaust that I've got on. Supposedly if tuned correctly the ones I've ordered from factory pro provide better low to midrange power. Which is where I spend most of the time.
    But that's another story
  16. Careful with the plugs, if you break one off you're up for a very expensive repair!
  17. if you think you can do it for cheaper then go for it, if not you have to pay for it. every bike has different service schedules hence why a 12k on a ninja is expensive. For that price you're looking at a new air filter roughly $60, labour at least 3-5 hrs at probably $80 p/hr depending on valves, any fluids used, takes about 3L of oil which is about $50 coolant $40 oil filter $25 (genuine) spark plugs roughly $40, if the brake fluid is changed your looking at another half hour or so plus about $10-20 for the brake fluid

    it all adds up.
  18. PS. your owners manual will say every 6,000km's, every 12,000kms and every 24,000kms so it doesnt stop at 24,000. the 36,000km service will be the same as a 12,000km service
  19. Just looked through all the old service records and at 24000km the service was in the same ball park. Fair enough.

    I should point out to them that my bike doesn't have carburetors. Alot of the records show that they've synced my carbs lol.
  20. i think they mean balanced throttle bodies