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3500th post

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bravus, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. Come at me mods. :p

  2. Postwhore.

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  3. Disgusting, you don't see me boasting about post count.... :LOL:

    Congrats, mate, I've enjoyed them all!
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  4. Quality before quantity, please.
    No worries for you either way Bravus.
  5. You've only got 3499 according to the latest data. Someone has stolen one maybe?

    On the other hand, you must have a lot of clout around here! :ROFLMAO:
  6. Message count showing on profiles are not accurate. The Doc's current post count is approx 5,270, give or take a few messages.

  7. well done
  8. That makes more sense, he's been here for 8 years. So how inaccurate are these post counts J ?
  9. The OP did make me go to 3500 (on those counts), because it was (intentionally, provocatively) posted in 'General'. When the 'come at me mods' bore fruit it was moved to The Pub, and posts in The Pub don't count, hence the 3,499...
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  10. I forgot about that. I must have a lot more clout here than I realised. I seem to be spending more and more time in this pub.
  11. Well you simply have to remember there are areas which do not contribute to your count, so its your rate and type of activity that has a greater bearing rather than how long you've been a member.

    The profile post count is therefore a poor indicator of someone's activity eg. @ogden@ogden has over 1000 posts in Pub but his profile only has 109 against his name.

    Mods by far have the most inaccurate count because of additional factors that come into play. Hornet has made 34,040 messages, and Justus' true count is 6,666 etc.

  12. Yep that all makes sense, now that you mention it I recall all this coming up when the pub thing happened.
    Clever there Bravus, well done.