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35 years and........DOWN..... Bugger!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by powerd, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Well, it finally happened. Been riding about 37 years and only had one modest slide down the road when I just started out. Now 35 years later, a guy drives straight out of a servo across my path. "I didn't see you mate!" My headlights were on, wide open street, excellent visibilty, not going fast.

    All I could do was brake hard, throw the bike right and put myself down on the road to avoid me hitting the car, or going over it.

    Sadly my beautiful Triumph Sprint ST is cactus. I had searched long and hard to find a pristine example with a range of great mods.

    Bugger, bugger! ](*,)

  2. ahhh shit - sorry to hear

    Canberra has not been nice to our bikes lately
  3. Bad luck mate and although its annoying....metal can be replaced people can't.

    But you now have the joy of looking for a new bike (which is kinda fun).....

    Hope it all goes well and you haven't lost too much bark.

    Cheers Spocky
  4. That's no good but it can happen anytime. As long as you didn't wreck yourself that's the main thing.
  5. Glad you are Ok. The old Smidsy monster is patient. :(
  6. Insured, ???????
  7. My deepest sympathies for your loss. Hope you are ok.
  8. Aw no... ive got a STrumpet myself with lots of tasty mods ive put on... would be devastated to see it go!!!
    Much as i feel for the bike, are you ok?
  9. Bugger about the prang mate. I feel for you. I've always had a soft spot for the Sprint ST... all models and years... just something about it... what a shame. You're ok though?

    37 years experience is a fair swag of experience - I hope you wont mind me trying to tap into it and the crash to tease out some learnings for the noobs on NR.

    Would you mind putting up a google map link?
    What was the traffic like?
    What were you wearing?
    Is this a route you travel often?
    When did you first spot the servo?
    When did you first spot the car?
    If you did spot the car, did you set up the bike or your frame of mind in anyway?
    When you braked, did you intend to slide the bike, or was that just the unfortunate outcome?
    ...that's plenty for now! Sorry for all the questions, but it's not often we get to query an experienced rider's prangs around here...
  10. That really sucks to hear mate. Hope you are all okay though and aren't off two wheels for too long a time.
  11. Glad you're ok. I know how much we love them, but if you loved one STrumpet, you can love another one just as much, and they really are just a lump of metal and plastic. Replacing you would be more difficult. We'd have to go search ebay or something ... :angel:

    And why I ask, does nobody expect the Spanish Inquisition? LOL.
  12. that sux man hope yu are okay and can get your bike back on the road
  13. Um yes... 8-[

    My intentions are honourable.
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  14. sorry to hear about your off, glad to hear you're ok which is the main thing.
  15. Dammit! Hope you walked away without any scratches.
  16. Sorry to hear it mate! Sounds like you've had a good run up until now. Hope the transition onto a new ride is smooth
  17. [QUOTE=robsalvv;

    I will try and answer your questions robsalvv and hope the answers may be of some use to noobs and others.

    Would you mind putting up a google map link?
    Don't know how to do that but it was in Lowe St Queanbeayan NSW, roughly 50 metres southeast from cnr with Monaro St and similar distance from Police Station!
    What was the traffic like?
    Very light
    What were you wearing?
    ATTGAT - Dririder Rallycross jacket with armour, DriRider gloves with joint protectors, Dririder leather high boots, kevlar jeans, Nolan flipfront helmet.
    Is this a route you travel often?
    No, but have been down the street many times over 30 years.
    When did you first spot the servo?
    Soon after turning into the street from lights
    When did you first spot the car?
    Soon after spotted servo
    If you did spot the car, did you set up the bike or your frame of mind in anyway?
    Yes, saw him approach edge of road from driveway, I shadowed brak levers, his supension dipped as if stopping,(may have just been through gutter) then he accelerated and I yanked on brakes hard.
    When you braked, did you intend to slide the bike, or was that just the unfortunate outcome?
    No, didn't slide or intend to - did not want to go under the car. It was crossing the road at 90 degrees. It happened very fast. Since I could not escape hitting the car, I hauled the bike to right so it would hit the front of the car but I would be pushed right at a lower height rather than over the bonnet. I wanted to avoid the hard landing on the other side .... hurty !!!

    Yes I was insured. I have a badly bruised and very painful right knee and shoulder and pretty shaken up. Nothing broken, we think. I couldn't sleep last night due to pain, so I got up and looked at bikesales. Probably looking for a Sprint GT, Kwaka 1400GTR or a Yamaha FJR.

    Thanks all
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  18. You're a trooper Powerd! Get those injuries properly checked mate.

    Here's my stab at the link: http://g.co/maps/mtpaa

    If that link is right, then you should have been seen... just goes to show that until drivers are trained to see us, or trained to be able to estimate our closing speeds, we have to make allowances for their short comings.
  19. Bad luck bud. It sucks.
    Least your ok and have the fun of looking for a new one.
    Amazing how we just smear on the road as we get older instead of bouncing up.
  20. Robsalvv
    Yes that is the correct link - he came out where that white car is but at 90 degrees to the road as he was turning down into the direction I came from.

    You are definitely right, I should have been seen.