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NSW 34 Years of waiting...Over

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Kobo, Mar 26, 2013.

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    G'Day Guys, Had my first meeting last weekend at Lismore after waiting 34 years. It was the first round of our club series and the next one is at Grafton in 3.5 weeks. I was a back marker all day and I couldn't have cared less. My smile almost didn't fit inside my helmet...The crew was awesome and so friendly and helpful...My leathers zipper broke and someone loaned me a set of Alpine Stars for the weekend...Too nice. So a HUGE Thank You to North Coast Road Racers for putting on a brilliant weekend. Check out their Facebook page and you'll see what I mean...I'm no. 7
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  2. Good to see Club racing alive and well. They are great fun for all concerned, spectators and supporters, racers, pit crew, flag marshals etc. Good on you for giving it a go.
  3. That's a great way to spend a day, good on ya Kobo.
  4. so does this mean you're 34 years old, or you've been riding for 34 years, or you've been thinking about racing for 34 years? :)

    Nice work!
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    No, I'm 59 years old, I've been riding for 46 years and I last raced (bikes) in 1979. It is still THE best buzz you can have...

    Kobo :cool:

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  6. I always feel like giggling when I see track 250s. The width of the back tyre just trips me out and then knowing that thing would still destroy my bike and the guys who ride them would shit on me for years to come hahaha. They're just so small and comical :playful:
  7. Good on ya. I'm 59 but got back into riding only 3yrs back. Just waiting to head off for a track day. Did level 1&2 at CSS. Just shows us old farts enjoy the road as much as anyone. Cheers