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$336k for a honda

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kermie, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Even when they first came out they only cost 40,000 pounds. Not only that RC30's were a much better bike and only cost a quater of a NR750.
  2. hmmm - I wonder if its LAMS approved? LOL :rofl:
  3. Maybe the missus has told him to get rid of the toys!! (SC)
  4. I'd buy it in a hearbeat if I had the money
  5. Thought it might give you a laugh when you saw it, good to know you have a sence of humour :LOL:

    PS: The Aus dollor broke $110 you'd be mad not to vist jakewilson.com for your next pair of tyres.
  6. Wow, I thought getting $1.10 US for an Aussie dollar was good but $110.00 is even better...........:LOL:

  7. here, have one of these .
  8. Thanks, but I haven't needed a period for quite some time.
  9. Try a pair of these then (.Y.)
  10. I've met you and it was more like...

    ( . ) ( O)

    Freaked me out
  11. Please...someone tell me they accidently put 1 too many 0's in there...
  12. Nope, that's about what they go for. Do a google search on it, plenty of proprietary/one off bits on it, not to mention twin con rod oval pistons.
  13. Honda made 700 of them. It's not like its that exclusive :-(
  14. Ha ha ha. Your garden variety VFR 750 (RC36) is lighter and makes more power. Look what the tossers are doing to motorcycling.
  15. 8 valves per cylinder??? You gotta be shitting me...
  16. What so special about oval pistons? Ok, the NR sticker means New Racing, I thought owner is a Net Rider.
  17. #20 phongus, May 2, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    Nope...oval pistons with 8 valves per cylinder. Basically a fused V8.