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31-1-12 Day ride. Pakkers to M'ville

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by CFVFR, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Hello fellow nerds!

    Weather dependent, I'm doing Pakenham to Marysville with ma boy Lachie before he starts school again on the Thursday.

    Learner friendly
    Wont be hooning (too much)
    Regular stops
    Need someone behind me to make sure the wee man doesn't fall asleep again on the back like he did on our Licola Ride last week.
    Pics of that day here.

    Meet Pakenham Maccas (98 Princes Hwy) on the old road through Pakenham. Its the one next to the servo at 0930

    C411 to Woori Yallock
    B380 to Warby (rest stop at the little bakery before town)
    C511 through Reefton
    (At this stage we'll see how we go as Lachs wants to do some dirt so may go down the dreaded C511 Woods Point road for a bit. If we have road only bikes with us we'll leave this bit for another day)
    C513 To Marysville (Lunch)
    C512 Narbethong
    Healsville Turn to C505 Back to Launching Place
    C424 to Pakkers again. (rest stop)
    Then home to Mt Martha for us anyway

    This is just a guide as I'm notorious for getting lost!
    We are starting from Mt Martha if anyone wants to join us. Prob leave ours around 0815-0830. Pm me for details.

    Pretty run of the mill day ride, but would suit any riders that want a fun day out without trying to overdo things.Bring water as you will dehydrate very quickly and avoid too much coffee! We always take the camelback with us.

    Over and out,

  2. Keeping an eye on the thread, am interested but will let you know...
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  3. Hokay!

    Due to the huge response, I have had to amend the meet a little!
    Lachie and I will swing past the Maccas around 0920. Stop for ten mins then head off on our little jaunt.
    Hope some can make it.
    Pm me anyone that wants to join us from home.
    Weather looks ok at this stage. Maybe a little rain in the am.

    Anyhow, that's that.


  4. Only just saw this now!

    Ok, I may be there with Adam (my 10 year old) if I can find someone else to drive my daughter to airport tomorrow at 12..
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  5. That would put you at Woori Yallock about 10ish, at a rough guess,
  6. More or less.
    Well be stopping at the bakery just before Warby for a bikkie! It's on the right bend a few k's out, cam
  7. Well, all in all a good but cold day.
    No one showed at the meet which was fine as I thought the weather may have deterred a few
    Just shy of 400kms door to door.
    Weather held up till we got to the Clydesdale Bakery where it started to rain lightly and continued till we got to Camberville. Lots of leaf litter on the road made for an interesting ride. The Wee held up very well with the riding position and i was doing some decent runs that I couldnt do on the Viffer.
    Dried out at Marysville and bought the missus some lollies from the shop there. Owner tells me they have been waiting 18 months with council wrangling to finalize the new shop!!
    Decided to take the Archeon Way back to Warby rather than going through Healsville.

    Managed to get the bike horizontal on a right hander and ended up in the ditch a bit:-({|=. Managed to break only the right indicator in doing my best Ewen Mc impression. Easy to pick up and the landing was soft so no injuries. Lachie was a bit surprised, and of course the first thing her said to Mum when we returned was..."we had a crash"!](*,)
    I,ve done 4000kms on it since Nov!Had about 4k on when bought.

    A few pics of the day here.

    and the damage to the Wee!!:angel:
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  8. Main thing is you're ok....
  9. Mate, we are good, very low speed fk up really. Just glad I didn't do it on black top! Can't believe the only damage is that blinker (and a slightly bent rear brake) this bike will have a few battle scars in time for sure!
  10. Imagine how good that story is going to sound when your young bloke goes back to school this week ... just hope he relates it "expletives deleted"
  11. No fear Nobby. I'm sure he will.
  12. Just caught up with your thread, glad you and the boy are ok after your excursion.
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  13. Glad that both you & your son are safe & sound!
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