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30mins on an '08 ZX10

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, May 5, 2008.

  1. Today I had the chance to go for a quick spin on Kwaka's new superbike. Here are my impressions after 30mins of mixed roads.
    The good-
    1)power, oh so much power....... :grin:
    2)smooth throttle, coming from the gixxer which is very choppy, it was pure, pure bliss! I would buy it for this alone.
    3)seat, although feeling very square and unconfortable sitting in the showroom, very comfy out on the road.
    4)riding position, pegs to seat is very short, very 'race', I like that.
    5)cosmetics, the black rearset, pillion pegs etc, looks great!
    6)handling was amazing, felt as light or lighter than my 600, very 'flickable'
    7)the gearbox, very smooth changing, with and without clutch.
    8)did I mention the power................... :grin: :grin:

    The bad-
    1)vibration, numb fingers :( This one did have an aftermarket pipe without a Power commander, and was a bit 'bubbly', so hopefully that's all it was.
    2)dash, small and clear, just doesn't do it for me, and one flashing light for the indicators instead of a left and right seperately.
    3)the biggest, ugliest rear hugger in the history of sportsbikes :shock:

    All up, when I look to upgrade later this year, this bike is in the hunt, although I would like to ride a stock one to see how bad the vibration was.

    As a trackie, this bike would smoke! :twisted:

    I'm gonna get a longer ride in the near future, (been told I can have it for a Sunday ride :twisted: ) Will post more then.
  2. The zx10r is a pig compared to the new blade.
    Wait for it to come out.
  3. You'd be amazed what a set of new handgrips and heavy bar ends can do to reduce the vibes.

    Nice write up.
  4. And you've ridden both? Or just trusting the journo's? :roll:

    Doesn't matter what they have made it, it's still a Honda! :LOL:
  5. Nice writeup Triway :wink:

    It's a shame it's even uglier than the 08 blade (IMO) though. Every report I've read about it says it's an awesome machine so it's good to hear real feedback from someone I know.

    Did you get a chance to try out the 'traction control'?

    No he rode a blade when he was in the UK.
  6. Nah, not about to take a loaner to it's limits when i have to pay the xs if i bin it.

    Cool, I just hate it when people base an opinion on someone else's opinion.