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VIC 30kph Speed limits to be introduced

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. For all those that were bitching when they were booking people for jaywalking - thanks a lot :roll:

    Yep, looks like vehicles will be paying the penalty for pedestrians who can't be bothered crossing the road where/when they're supposed to. Be interesting to see how far the proposed 30 zones will spread.
    (Of course won't be too surprised if they've not bothered to consider motorcycles as part of that plan as well).


  2. a moto.... motor..motorcy.... a what? :p

    as long as they don't dig up the bike parking for a park bench/pedestrian rain shelter!

    wouldn't put it past them though! :evil:
  3. so are they going to speedo's on pushbikes :shock: cos it's not hard to hit 30km.hr on pushie :?
  4. Reduce speed reduce speed reduce speed... :blah:

    Risk has a probability and a consequence. All they're really doing is addressing the consequence... it's a brain dead response from the same kind of politicians that the lowering "safe height" joke depicted. :roll:

    ...wont be long now, before the man with the waving red flag will be returned to his former glory.
  5. Yeah the real worrying thing is whether the lower speed limit will just make drivers even less attentive to what they're doing - after all at 30kph or less it's not like they could get hurt if they hit something.
    Might be safer and faster to just push a motorcycle down the footpath, especially if you also have cyclists taking prime position at the lights.
  6. A lot of people will switch to bicycles - they'll become a menace.

    The peds will be screaming about that inside of a few months of the changes.
  7. I look forward to the terror reign of the treadly bandits. The anarchist in me loves the fact that you can get away with pretty much anything on a pushbike.
  8. Pedestrians have to wear a helmet?

    Bumper bars made of pillows?

    Surely this is going to take a long time to implement. It mentions better public transport.

    I dont know if any of you guys have ever tried to get out of the city at 5pm on a friday on a train, but you will be lucky to be even moving within half an hour, let alone even near your destination.
  9. Well the article does go on to say that there's plans to make Melbourne a "24hr" city to reduce traffic. Don't know if trying to persuade people to work nights is the greatest solution to traffic congestion though - especially in winter.
  10. Maybe the police have realized there is a lucrative untapped market for speeding tickets for bicycles that they have been missing out on because 60kph is pretty hard peddling. Dropping the speed limit to 30kph will broaden the net!
  11. Beats the commuter rush i guess, if people could just afford to live closer to work....

    I live in cranbourne which is a shithole with zero culture. Cheaper houses though.

    On the lacal rag a few weeks ago it mentioned the town had a severe problem with people who lived here did not work, shop or do basically anything but sleep there.
    Mentioned alot about Huge of commuting costs to an from the city. The fact that the train sucks an almost everyone is forced to drive.
  12. Actually forget pushbikes, if you can run 100m in 12sec your doing 30kph. It would be fun to become the first human runner to get a speeding ticket!
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  13. Especially if it was a nude run through a speed camera :LOL:.
  14. If enough people do it, they will need to enforce number plates for people (front and rear I'd assume). Maybe stick on plates so no-one injures themselves should they fall or trip?
  15. MCC has been touting some pretty bizarre plans for transport in recent years, like closing down all private parking facilities (for example). They (the bureaucrats behind this) have made no secret of their belief that Melbourne CBD (and the entire world) should be completely vehicle free.
    Not many of their wild ideas have got through. The State Government would have to support it first. I'd be pretty surprised if this one gets up, but you never know. If there's a dollar in it...
  16. If you actually go and read the strategy then motorcycles and scooters are mentioned very positively.

    for example

    Motorcycles, motorscooters and bicycles reduce traffic congestion in the inner city. These vehicles are usually parked on the footpaths and when they are parked in conformity with the VicRoads' Guidelines, pedestrian movements are not blocked.

    Motorcycle parking is also provided on the roads in the CBD, with increasing numbers of concrete paved state of the art 'herringbone' centre of road modules providing safe, secure and stable parking facilities.

    City of Melbourne surveys indicate that the use of motorcycles as a means of travelling to the city centre has increased from 1.5% of total vehicle numbers in the morning peak period in 2006 to 2.23% of total vehicles in 2008. This increase will continue to grow with more commuters buying motor scooters as petrol prices increase. To satisfy the increasing demand for motorcycle parking spaces, the City of Melbourne is currently increasing the supply of on-road parking spaces in areas where footpaths are heavily trafficked by pedestrians and motorcycle parking is in high demand. This will reduce the impact of motorcycles eating into pedestrian space. Additional on road motorcycle parking can be provided at or near some intersections or pedestrian crossings where cars and trucks are banned from parking due to their negative impact on sightlines.

    Council's Draft CBD Parking Plan is also recommending that the provision of off street motorcycle parking spaces should be increased by either increasing the current planning scheme requirement to provide 1 motorcycle space for every 100 car spaces, which results in the planning scheme only accommodating 10% of the current motorcycle demand, or by being linked to the floor area of the development, independent of the car parking spaces. This would bring the supply of off street motorcycle parking into line with the provision of off street bicycle parking.

    The City of Melbourne will also need to ensure that its new public space designs improve road safety outcomes for the city's most vulnerable road users who are pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

    and also

    Increase parking and on-road space for energy and space-efficient private vehicles such as motor bikes/scooters, bicycles and micro cars
  17. With the single exception of thier own car I suspectl

    I,m a bit stuffed tomorrow.. one pushy has a broken chain, cannot find a pedalspanner to swap pedals on the spare... and the motorcycle wont start.. Bugger.
  18. So, tonight in the news 8 years later.... they re-raised this issue again. (10 Eyewittness news). Apparently pedestrians are J-walking a lot more now because of the 40kph zones. (Who would have thunk it).

    And it was mentioned that being hit at 40kph you have a 250% increase in chance of being killed compared to 30kph.

    I can see it now, if 40kph is 133% faster than 30kph, but 30kph will be 150% faster than 20kph, and oh strewth - 20kph is 200% faster than 10kph....

    Down the spiral dive they want to go - all the more encouraging pedestrians to j-walk, and drivers to get more bored in their cars looking for other things to distract them...

    Funny thing is, the government said there were no plans to introduce 30kph zones. (A bit of a relief) - but let me thinking? Who are 'They' then? Why would the news report this in the first place then? Trying to make some news, instead of just reporting it? Was this MAURC, TAC, or just some reporter completely making it up trying to stir up a story?
  19. Hang on.....this thread is 8 years old? :p