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VIC 30kmh limits - it's on again.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by titus, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Melbourne City council Lord Mayor Robert Doyle was interviewed by Jon Fain on ABC radio this morning, spruiking a renewed campaign to impose 30kmh limits across the CBD, possibly also including other (or all) parts of the municipality.
    The rationale, according to Doyle, is that collisions cannot be eliminated and therefore the only way to protect cyclists and pedestrians is to reduce vehicle speeds to make the inevitable injuries less severe.

    Such a move will need to be done in consultation with Vicroads, Doyle stated.
    (meaning, I think, that Vicroads can make this decision without parliamentary or ministerial assent).

    Yarra Mayor Alice Clarke also called in to support the move, adding that once Yarra's plan for universal 40kmh limits has been achieved, their strategy plan will then move on to reducing all Yarrra roads to 30kmh. Asked why Yarra doesn't just ban motor vehicles, Clarke then stated that this is also part of the strategy plan, longer term.

    (Clarke rides a motorised bicycle, which would not be included.)

    Edit: Obviously a 30kmh limit will apply to motorcycles (relevance).
  2. Anywhere I see a 30km/h limit (or 40km/h when it's bullshit, like Barkly St in St Kilda) I will ride only in first gear, just to express my feelings on the matter.
  3. Pushy's go faster than 30k..
  4. I'm reasonably sure I could sprint 30km/h over a short distance.
  5. I'm with you mate. Better still, let's organise to ride through these areas with at least 20 of us, just to demonstrate the possible traffic jam scenarios !
    This State's policing authorities are losing the plot..there's no two ways about it.
    I am appalled by the decisions/actions of those running this country....the State of VIC in particular here.

    Even in a MUCH more crowded Asia this bulls**t doesn't take place !
  6. When ths came up a few months ago, it was pointed out that in busy times most cars cant do 40K's anyway, and when its quiet theres no need.
    Personal responsibility is just about dead in Melbourne..
  7. can someone get rid of Robert Doyle, he shits me no end.

    i know that i can easily sit on more than 30km/h on a pushbike, and double that in a sprint.

    i should just tear through there passing cars and lane splitting haha.
  8. Have everyone write to the Retailers Association and Small Business Association and state that you will no longer do business in these areas due to the rediculous decisions in relation to speed limits. Might help get some more opposition on board.

    Also make a point that ALL trucks will be pumping out huge disel fumes whilst rolling along in first gear. Lets not forget how loud they will be too.
  9. hmm, i dont know what trucks you are used to but first gear is certainly not 30km/h stuff. and they aren't even that loud when just putting around..
  10. Considering if the speed limit is 30k and the congestion it will cause i don't see any trucks actually making it up to 30k's so slow speeds in the first few gears stopping and starting isn't a quiet affair.
    That's what I was basing it on.

    Just trying to come up with ideas to combat such a stupid proposal and the more people we can get on board from truck drivers to retailers the better.
  11. maybe we should hold a street race, to show how the traffic will flow if you get rid of the limits....
  12. If you can't check for traffic before crossing the road you almost deserve to be hit...

    (Children should also know this from a young age - bit more leniency though)
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  13. Just like if you manage to get hit by a tram, the world is better off without you. It's not like they're fast, hard to see, quiet, or come from unexpected directions.
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  14. Yes, pushies can go faster than 30, and such a law will apply to them, but in the real world it will not happen. No-one is going to ticket a bicycle for speeding no matter what speed they do (especially not by camera).

    This is designed to get cars and trucks off the roads, nothing more.
  15. I'm only moderate fitness and can easily plod along on the pushie at 30-35kph on my road bike on a flat surface..

    Oh by the way, you can't get a speeding ticket on a pushy as speeding fines only apply for motor vehicles and not vehicles....
    This has been covered many times before...
  16. I was in the Melbourne CBD earlier this year (in a car). I struggled to do 20kmh so I'm not sure reducing the speed limit to 30 is going to make much difference. It might at night, but not during the day.

    Edit: One other thing. I'm not sure, but I think the ADR's only require a speedo to be accurate OVER 40kmh
  17. Well this is the point isn't it!
    Stupid limits where it could be 2am and you're stuck doing 30kph...

    What's wrong with 50kph limits and let traffic conditions slow people down as it does....
    They obviously don't think people can do anything for themselves anymore..
    I'm sick of being treated like a doofus...
  18. Pushbikes get booked for speeding.
    a quick google

    Re: fined for speeding

    Postby Hitchy » Thu 10 Dec 2009, 9:26 am

    damhooligan wrote:Now i would like to know.

    Has anybody been fined for speeding on the bike??

    I don't know the legal rules that well, but for example ;
    in the netherlands , there is legaly no max speed for cyclist... (mainly because it is not a legal requirement to have a speedo)
    all max speed road sign are for 'motorised' vehicles.
    and do not aply to cyclists.

    So know i would like to know, how are the rules here?
    Anybody know??

    Yep, I've copped one. I think I've posted this before. 74 kph in a 60 zone, descending the hill into Gisborne, speed limit changes from 80 to 60 half way down. Mr.Plod was sitting at the bottom of the hill with his radar gun. I don't think he was that impressed with the conversation:

    Plod: Do you know how fast you were going?
    Me: nah
    Plod: 74kph
    Me: Woo hoo, new record on this hill!
    Plod:I don't s'pose you've got any ID on you either?
    Me: nah
    Plod: and I s'pose your name is Lance Armstrong?
    Me: Ummm, nup, Eddy Merkx
    Plod: (who'd obviously never heard of Eddy), & your address?
    Me: Nah, not really, it's (gives real name & address)
    Plod: Well you'll have to come back to the station so I can verify this
    Me: No worries, you want me to ride there or put me & the bike in the car?
    Plod: (looks at nice clean Cop car & then at filthy Hitchy & even filthier bike...it was p!ssing down at the time)...ummm, guess I'll have to trust ya...here's your ticket
    Me: thanks...this is going straight to the pool room!
  19. Really?
    How much was fine for?
    Would have easily got off if it went to court as cop would have been playing your bluff..
    Hope you didn't actually pay it....

    I've been involved with BV and bike ed campagnes, with meetings with VicRoads and VicPol where they've confirmed you can't get a speeding ticket on a pushy.
  20. That's stupid. I could run in a 5kph carpark, and get a fine?

    First gear it is.

    I'll race you up to 30. Shi*test drag ever.