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VIC 30km/h limits for Inner Melb?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by titus, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. Jacki Fristacky, the Mayor of inner Melbourne municipality of Yarra, has launched a council campaign to introduce universal 30km/h limits across the area.
    Speaking to ABC radio presenter Jon Faine, she said that the campaign had universal support from locals, who had enthusiastically embraced the current 40km/h limits now in force across Yarra (reduced from the statewide 50km/h urban limit, and 60 before that).
    Cr Fristacky said that there is overwhelming research showing that a 30 limit will drastically reduce pedestrian and cyclist death and injury, and she hopes Yarra's lead will be followed by all local governments.
    Yarra will need to obtain Vicroads approval to change limits on arterial roads through Yarra but Fristacky does not believe this will be a problem. Even lower limits may be considered in the future.

  2. Might as well close the CBD to all motor vehicles and save cost on changing speed signs.
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  3. That's just ridiculous. You can sprint faster than 30kph - are they also going to fine someone running for speeding!

    "Overwhelming research" is stupid too. I'm sure there is more overwhelming research that 10kph would reduce casualties further. There is even more overwhelming research indicating if the speeds on the highways were reduced from 100kph to 2kph all road deaths could be avoided completely - still a stupid idea.

    You either make it a road where cyclists and pedestrians have to think before going on it or make it a pedestrian mall and keep cars off it. Forever reducing speed limits has to stop somewhere!
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  4. They just want to give speeding tickets to cyclists.
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  5. The lunatics are loose.
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  6. I've been overtaken by cyclists before. At Mount Cootha the limits is 50kph with cops and radars not uncommon, so I stick to the limit. I got overtaken by a cyclists there once - it was humiliating!
  7. Why can't the onus be on cyclists to reduce the risks? :p
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  8. Couple of extra points. The Greens at state level (Yarra is Greens dominated) do indeed have a policy of ultimately banning all private transport (except bicycles). Melbourne City Council has also proposed a long term goal to remove all motorised private transport from the city centre.
    Although it isn't stated in the Yarra proposal, the Greens policy allows 'human powered' vehicles (bicycles, skateboards, roller blades) to be except from speed limits and some other road rules. This also reflects recent changes by Vicroads to allow 'wheeled recreational devices' to use roadways without being subject to motor vehicle laws (in the same way that bicycles are).
  9. 'wheeled recreational devices' - You mean like a motorcycle?
  10. Nosir. The now class of vehicles are human powered only, or with power sources under 200w.
  11. One word on this: ghey.
  12. Jaysus H Christian !! Whatever next ? They won't be happy til we're all living in our own little isolation booths wrapped up in cotton wool so that no one can possibly come to any harm . I weep for this once great country . Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your own actions ? This just shits me to tears !!
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  13. Why not ban all vechicles under the doom of Yarry .all the business close down they can just barter on the street for whatever vegetables they need
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  14. Just wait until they will start solving traffic congestion issues after dropping the speed limit...
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  15. Perhaps congestion is the goal...?
  16. Raising the limit, not lowering, is generally the way to reduce congestion *and* fatalities. British study raised the limit through a section of road from 30mph to 50mph - almost doubling it - and found a significant reduction in accidents.

    If it does get pulled down to 30kmh then all it will mean for us is far easier lane splitting. Thank God I got my big XR back!

    - boingk
  17. Talk back radio callers were surprisingly against the idea and there was also talk about the removal of those woeful bike lanes in the city. This may have back fired on them.
  18. Yes but now you're probably lane splitting close to twice the limit.
  19. What're they gonna do, magically teleport through a grid of cars all crawling along at 30kmh?

    I think you'd be fairly safe from the fuzz, so long as they're in cars, anyway.

    - boingk
  20. Don't' forget to wipe of 5.
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