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N/A | National 30k Speed Limits on the agenda

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MelbourneMick, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Melbourne Bicycle Users Group flagged this as their objective in a story in The Age last week They got a road traffic engineer to support them.

    If any government want to commit hari kiri, here's your sword.
  2. God help us. The beige are truly taking over.
  3. Its just today tonight trolling the bogans
  4. Gobsmacked.
  5. yep - then as the man said it will be 20 after a while

    I think somewhere in legislation ( may have been changed ) it says that if you travel at less than 20kph there is no requirement to wear a seat belt - my old man told me this when he owned a residential milk delivery business and was always stopping starting moving 100 meters then stopping etc
  6. Seen in Hobart, early this month (July)...

  7. I think we are Going back to the days when you had someone walking in front of the car waving a lantern with a candle in it " .. Wankers
  8. I wonder if this comes into play, will it be enforced on cyclists too considering bicycles are deemed to be a vehicle on the RMS (RTA) website?
    You can easily do over 30km/h via pedal power on flat road. We get passed in 70km/h zones when going downhill by those guys on the race bikes.
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  9. This little chestnut comes out every few months. No government would try this as it would be the last straw.
  10. May as well be (or will end up being) a "get out and push" zone.
    as for the comments saying "no government would try this" just remember that lil miss juuulllya said that there wouldnt be a carbon tax under her government.. and she said it over and over and over and over again..
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  11. ...and obviously Hobart thought they'd get away with it.
  12. It's Hobart. that's probably still 30mph
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  13. The way it works these days: government hands over decision making to an 'independent',' apolitical' authority staffed by permanent public servants. Then both major parties 'support' the independence of that authority and bingo, it's no longer a matter of choosing between two parties.
    The authority runs its own media unit which manages the way public opinion is reported, and suddenly there is near-universal public 'support' for its policies.

    It'll happen.
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  14. And Johnny Howard said we wouldn't have GST, they are all liars
  15. I'll point out that in NZ almost all urban streets are 50 and roadwork zones are 30.

    These limits are so stupid that they are almost universally ignored.

    I can only hope that Australians would do the same.
  16. The difference being that JH changed his mind BEFORE the election. He didn't let himself be voted in, then reneg. The voting public KNEW there was to be a GST before they went to the polling booth.

    Sorry, back to regular programming...

    ETA: And I note that Hobart doesn't have universal 30kph, but they seem to have a LOT of changes of speed zone.
  17. If this gets through I'll try to kill myself.

    By speeding.
  18. Oh dear... The beige army is trying to legislate our death of boredom and traffic congestion... All in the name of keeping us safe from ourselves... ](*,)
  19. We are being "managed" by those who don't know the difference between being alive and having a life.
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