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VIC $3033 fine for 107km/h?!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by chillibutton, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. Wtf just opened this.

    $3033 for 107km/h in 100 zone!!!!!

    JustusJustus - any thoughts? Gotta be an error right. Would think that would be the $hundreds range ....
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  2. Was it a work or corporate vehicle? Fines are higher
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  3. sucks to live in Victoria 8-|
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  4. Lightweight. Try getting two of them in one day, same street.

    What oldcorollasoldcorollas said.


    Sucks even more to live in Queensland. Companies receive fines five times the original penalty under Queensland law.

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  5. I think once you nominate a person it drops to the usual fine. Someone has to wear the points!
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  6. That is outrageous!!!
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  7. I think the intention might be to try and close a loophole where the wealthy could get away with speeding and never lose their license.

    ie: If they didn't do this, those who are rich and don't care about a $300 fine could just speed continuously because they don't have to worry about points in a company car, and just keep paying pocket money to the Govt when they get caught, whilst we would be walking if we did the same...

    By increasing the fine to $3,000 it helps reduce this. The driver has the option to own up and have the points allocated against his license, it tries to make the system a little more even across the board.

    And if you have the really wealthy who get pinged and don't declare, well... the government doesn't complain because after all - it's a nice bit of extra revenue for them which is really what fines are all about in the first place...

    Of course the other option is for the police to pull over the driver in which case there's never an issue of identifying the driver... but that's counter profit making...
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  8. Farking hell.
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  9. Thanks for responses guys, glad to see it will drop down to normal highway robbery.

    Ironically I didn't even want to be in the sodding ring road, but was returning in a cage from Flemington to the east and the traffic was so bad on cemetery road/Alexander parade I diverted to avoid standstill (which I hate).

    Maybe I should send a bill to the government to cover my fine due to their incompetent road planning and lack of a tunnel ;)
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  10. What makes u think that if there was a $10 billion+ tunnel east to west that it a) wouldn't be lined with greed cameras, as well as b) lining the pockets of a thievin private toll road operator.
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  11. Yes but it would still be quicker. It took me, and I kid you not, 40 mins to get from hoddle str to Flemington at midday on a Saturday! Wtf!
  12. I do remembered as well back in '06 when I was last driving a company car that the boss said that if we failed to pay a speeding or parking fine that the entire fleet of cars would lose their FTP insurance cover.....
  13. Car dealerships cop a mountain load of these every week.
    Used to be 3 options.
    Pay the stupid large fine.
    Nominate a driver.
    Suspend rego of vehicle for 3 months.
  14. on the bright side.. you have the option of paying an extra $2700 and not copping any demerit points :)
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    I have been done 2 in the last 10 mnths and both of my fines only added up to just over $700 and I was more than 10kms over the posted limit both times.

    I feel for ya bud
  16. See below.

    Be care about that oldcorollas.

    The business must nominate a driver. The fine is then withdrawn and issued to the driver. Failure to nominate a driver 3 or more times within a 12 month period is another offence resulting in further fines.

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  17. Yeah not a problem to nominate myself, I'm not paying $3k for sure. Expect it to be $195 plus 1 demerit pt if I'm lucky, no probs I have a full set to play with.
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  18. Full set to play with? And you ride an Aprilia! That showin' alot of restraint i'm finding it hard to keep mine i just luv twistn that throttle and hearin thst inductiono_O!
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  19. If you were on the arse end of your licence,and about to lose your livelihood and the flow on from that, I would say the $2700 would be rather a small price to pay and a great option if you could get it through the system.
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