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300 Bucks later...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. ...after putting a new tyre on the rear Sat morning and scrubbing it in Sun arvo. I've popped it on my way to work this morning, with just over 100k's on it. :evil:
    A little shelving bracket, which I'm guessing has fallen off a trady's ute this morning was lying on the road.
    I didn't take off particularly hard, but i still didn't see it until too late.
    The first thing i thought of was, "that had better not have damaged the rear"
    200 metres down the road and the swearing started.
    Anyhoo, could be worse. When we got the bike back to Pablos for a newy, a guy was standing beside his blade that had bits missing.
    He got tipped out of a roundabout by a cage who clipped him. It resulted in a low speed off into the curb.
    He's done enough damage to both sides to probably make his bike for track use only. So, while his days going to get worse (he still doesn't know the poor blighter), mines going to get better.
    I'm now the proud owner of a 'brand new' rear tyre that needs to be scrubbed in before Wednesday.
    Weathers not bad, and the Spur is empty. Giddyup! :grin:
    One last thing.....'Ya stoopid F*ckin tradie, you owe me butthead'
    o.k. now I'm done.

    Cheers Scheff

  2. Oh, bollocks. There's some sort of magnetic compound on the mould-release agent you get on new tyres. It makes you 20 times more likely to pick up a nail.
  3. It's true!


    Murphy's Law > magnetism/physics, as the more powerful universal constant.
  4. definitely true, I went thru three tyres in three weeks when I first got to QLD :evil:

    one slashed on the last leg of the trip up, two more by nails on Beaudesert road.........

    $283 fitted each.... OW!!
  5. Even when I'm being silly... somtimes it's not as silly as first thought ^_^
  6. You know that you should be able to hit the council up for the bill of tyre or part there of for not maintaining a clean/safe road. That bracket could have seriously injured you or at least maimed some part of your body. Think about it, then ring the council and demand money. :grin:
  7. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

  8. Sorry, but it's not that easy.

    Some states give councils near blanket "get out of jail free cards" in relation to roads/footpath poor repair. Tas is one of those states, most would be similar.

    How any council can ensure that no tradie/truck/w@nker drops crap on the road I don't know, esp something as busy as Beaudesert road. They could run a squadron of road sweepers constantly along the road still not stop the garbage.

    Even if the council was generally liable, the stalling tactics they employ make it very frustrating for the average punter.

    I was going to get compo due to a pothole buckling both left hand wheels on the wifes subbie shopping trolley, but despite it being reported many times before (and therefore then knowing it's potential to cause damage) I had no hope getting compo.
  9. I know the feeling oh too well. Less than 1000 kms on my new bike last year I popped the rear tyre. Some 4-5 inch long piece of thick metal was lodged in the tyre! Was doing 15-20km/h along flinders st (or welling pde, whatever name it is, near where Herald Sun place is/was?). $350 to get rear tyre fitted (plus 10% discount at elizabeth st bob jane).
  10. That is why lawyers are around you know... They usually buckle and the thought of an expensive and drawn out legal process which the public will usually back. Come election time, these sorts of things come up.

    Mate of mine got $400 for a damaged chrome rim & new low profile tyre (they didnt cover the whole expense but were willing to cover some of the blame) when he hit a pot hole that was not marked for repair (so the ones that are marked for repair maybe you get more cause they are slow? :p)
  11. If the council has been informed of a problem and not fixed it you may have a case, but I doubt anyone rang them and said, "some little bracket thingy has fallen of a car and is lying on the road dangerously". My opinion, you'd be wasting your time/money.
  12. Hehe but it is still fun, ask anyone who knows me... I'll sue anyone ROFL
  13. Ferkin oath! Had my bike 4hrs from new and picked up a screw :mad: so I just tubed it. :grin:
  14. It's all good. I went and scratched in my new hoop and had fun doing it.
    Thanks for the heads up about the magnemathingy, i've located them on my rims and removed them.
    It's funny, cos when i asked the guy at the workshop about them, he made up this cock and bull story about them being balancing weights or something.
    I didn't really believe him at the time, and now i know why.

    Cheers Scheff
  15. Was She Cute?
  16. If she was the post would have read like this....

    Ferkin oath! Had my bike 4hrs from new and picked up a screw :blah: :jerk: :beer: :blah: :beer: :bannanabutt: :bolt: .....

    "Honey this is just a joke you know...a post between mates, I only got eyes for you :grin: