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30 Top Tips in 30 seconds

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by MadAzz300, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. I searched and didn't see this posted. Borrowed from Learn2Ride (who borrowed it from the Staying Alive, Fast Bikes mag) If it's been posted before, delete away :)

    1. Always sort your attitude out before you start: riding bikes can be dangerous.

    2. Be sympathetic and patient with others- we ALL make mistakes.

    3. Try to anticipate what might happen as well as what's actually going on.

    4. Looking well ahead lets you anticipate things earlier.

    5. Don't make a move before you've planned it. When you do move, don't have second thoughts.

    6. There's no substitute for experience- riding as often as you can has many benefits.

    7. Fatigue is one of the biggest causes of rider error- try to ride only when you're alert.

    8. Use hand signals as well as indicators to show your intentions.

    9. Take note of road signs and markings to see the way ahead.

    10. Try to wear the brightest and most protective kit you can every time you ride.

    11. Training and safety aren't boring and are better than a hospital visit.

    12. Towns are the riskiest zones to ride in. Don't speed in urban areas.

    13. If you want to ride faster, pick the right time and place to do it.

    14. Learn to spot risky drivers by their habits and vehicles they drive. Be suspicious of everyone.

    15. Approaching a side road, look at the waiting driver's eyes and wheels as a clue to his acknowledgement and movement.

    16. Don't feel pressure to perform from others. Go at your own pace.

    17. Wash your bike regularly and you'll spot wear and tear early.

    18. Using your mirrors lets you check others' movements. Using your indicators lets them know yours.

    19. Distractions in town are numerous, keep your eyes on the road.

    20. Take extra care on left handers: mistakes can lead to head-ons with oncoming traffic.

    21. If you can't see over the crest of a hill, stand up on the footrests for a better view.

    22. As you pass them, look down side roads, back up slip roads, and under bridges. That way you'll know what might follow you and what you're about to catch up.

    23. If you see what you think is diesel on the road, inhale sharply to confirm it by smell.

    24. Be assertive with oncoming traffic in towns, don't let it push you around.

    25. Low level sun can make it difficult to see and be seen.

    26. When riding with a pillion make sure they understand your rules.

    27. Don't be scared to accelerate to safety.

    28. Use lower gears in town to keep RPM higher and help you to appreciate your speed more.

    29. Use your brake light to warn others of hazards ahead.

    30. In the morning be aware of sleepy drivers peering through their misted or frosted windows.


    -Don't think, "It can't happen to me".
    -Concentrate on the job in hand and always have your head in gear.
    -Being realistic is crucial.
    -ALL sorts of people use the roads.
    -Life on the roads is not always fair or just.
    -Be honest about your abilities.
    -Accept that the bike riding game is a learning experience and that NO-ONE has got it totally sussed just yet.
    -Knowing your bike and the route you're going to take will serve you well.
    -Knowing what to expect from the weather aids biking life.
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  2. Excellent tips!
  3. #23 seems a little funny. Surely by the time you can smell it, you are too close to avoid it. I would say, "If you see what looks like diesel on the road, assume it is diesel and steer around it".

    If you see what looks like cocaine on the road, THEN you should inhale sharply
  4. Make it a sticky Rob
  5. Thanks for that. Always good to get reminders about safety issues, although I would hope to avoid a diesel spill long before I could smell it. :)
  6. Yea me too. Not sure why they suggest to inhale? Wouldnt that make you feel wonky?
  7. Without being argumentative, my experience on a renowned diesel dumping-ground, Macquarie Pass, is that you CAN often smell it when you're a fair way away from it. At least we've learned to for our own self-preservation.

    'Tis a good list, though, I like the fact that attitude is at the top (y)
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  8. I've seen a few riders show their intentions via hand signals very clearly:D

    Great post and good reminders. Thanks!
  9. TBC. Sticky section is a bit messy at the minute.
  10. would you say it's a sticky situation?
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  11. IT WAS GOLD !! i'm a stickler for a good joke....and that will stick up there with the best.
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  12. Good to see you're sticking by your jokes bud :p