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$30 million powerball

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dub, May 22, 2008.

  1. Ok with the jackpot at $30 million and a few tickets in my pockets, I got thinking, if I won $30 million how many and what bikes would I buy. What would everyone else get?

    In reality I think I wouldn't want to spend more than say $100k on bikes. I know thats only a fraction of the $30 million but I'm trying to be realistic. I've got houses, cars, boats, holidays and investments to allow for to set me up for the rest of my life.

    I think for me it would be a custom chopper at about $80k and a speed triple (I like nakeds) + upgrades coming in at about $20k. I'm not into track days so i wont need one of those.

    Now over to you guys, if money was no problem, how much and what would you buy.

  2. seriously if it was me, would purchase a repairable write off, that i can learn to spanner on and transfor into a track bike, probably a dirt bike, a uber sports tourer, a new 1000cc a new ute a house with a shed and the rest would set in the back earning my some lovely interest so i wouldn't have to work the rest of my life, just spend it traveling, hell with the interest made each week after paying tax i cold still buy a brand new bike every week for the rest of my life
  3. $30mill?

    One of everything please! :grin:
  4. I'm with qbnspeedfreak ... old trailie to take apart and put back together as a learning exercise.

    Cruiser for the "lazy" days ... nothing too fancy though ... maybe a slightly modded Mean Streak?!

    Then I'd get a designer to help me "complete" the fairing on my Storm. I'd also employ a mechanic/engineer to come up with the best mods to the engine ... and everything up/downstream of that - basically a complete rebuilt while maintaining the VTR character.
    Either that or keep my Storm as is (suspension and brakes upgrade of course) and just buy an SP2 as well :grin:

    A house ... somewhere reasonably close to civilisation, yet also bordering a decent state forest for morning runs or MTB rides.
    Car ... keep mine (basic Holden ute) or a fully restored F100 ... the old tank type ones ... huuuuuuuge bull bar that wraps around the side as well ... no more freaking out at roundabouts or merging lanes that should give way :twisted:
  5. Id give honda a call and tell them i want one of there gp bikes fitted with lights. but i imagine id be a lot different rider with 30 million sitting in the bank.
  6. Hmm, how much would it cost to build your own racetrack with a decent house and garage attached I wonder.
    Don't see a point in buying a huge number of expensive bikes, not if you can make the bikes come to you :grin:.
    And to hell with this riding on the road with the rest of the peasants :LOL:
  7. +1 for thinking, mate!

    Don't think I need much more, actually. The Hun does it all. But I'd probably pick up a 675 Dayt for the track and stuff.
    And buy back my old Speed Triple. (God, how sad is that?).
  8. I'll have these


    hmmmm... and one of these


    Just for starters. I'll also take that racetrack and house with enough garage space for the 100+ other bikes my greedy @ss would most liklely get.

    By the time I'm finished I'll be lucky to be able to afford a happy meal with the change from my 30mill let alone fuel any of my many bikes. But I'll be happy.
  9. Simple answer: Y2K
  10. I'd buy a SD99R. Oh and the Vic government (should get change from 10mil). That way I could change the road rules & regs to something a little more logical.
  11. WTF is an SD99R. Did a google search and all it brings up is a JVC car radio. 30mill and thats what you'd buy!!!
  12. Ok, I just remembered the Benneli Naked Tre, maybe I'd choose this over the Speed, just depends on comfort. I'm a tall bastard and the Bennelli seat height is only 780mm against the Speds 815mm.
  13. 1 ZX10R for Road
    1 ZX10R for Track
    1 CBR1000RR for Road
    1 CBR1000RR for Track
    1 CBR600RR for Road
    1 CBR600RR for Track
    1 ZX6R for Road
    1 ZX6R for Track
    1 GSXR750 for Road
    1 GSXR750 for Track

    1 whopping great house on acres and acres and one well designed track in the backyard.
  14. Yawn.
    $30mil and that's the best you can come up with :p
  15. They're the ones that make me happy... I can leave all the 'interesting' bikes for you lot.

    I just want to have a bunch of my favourite bikes, my mates can jump on when they come over (after signing appropriate waivers) and hit the track..
  16. Looks like you've got a bit of competition on your hands! Iv got a fair few tickets as well! :grin:

    Id invest in world peace and feed all the hungry kids

    Invest 15 Mil
    Cars 2 Mil
    Bikes 0.5 Mil
    Boat 0.2 Mil
    House+ Misc 4 Mil
    Family n freinds 1 Mil
    Charity 0.5 Mil

    And that leaves just over 6 Mil for other stuff.

    After all this... I would then invite my EX over to show her what she missed out on and then drop her off at FABIANS (dude she left me for) house in my Shelby GT. :)

  17. Do you mean you don't want to do track days, or you don't want a race track custom built at one of your many places of residence.

    I'd probably invest half of the money, spend part of the other half on whatever the hell I want then give the rest away.
  18. Rossi’s/Lorenzo’s MotoGP Yamaha – those things are such an improvement over last season and Lorenzo did one heck of a job to come second (nice pass on Pedrosa!) with his fractured ankles. If you can come second on that bike, but can’t walk, then I’ll have one of those please. :grin:

    I’d also do the usual stuff like pay off mortgage and invest, but I’d splash that sort of cash around my friends and family so they can join in the fun :grin: (so that’s 20-odd Triumph 675’s please – well, what’s the point in having a flashy toy without someone else to share the fun?) and invest a spare 1 or 2 million in Wateraid and Unicef to spread some of the joy to the less fortunate :cool: .
  19. Invest in Philip Island track or build one (whatever was easiest).
    Imagine being able to play there whenever you liked, and getting paid for it!
  20. KTM SuperDuke 990R


    Look for the R version.