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30 degree's on Wednesday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by PNUCKLE, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. So who will be out riding...I know i will be :biker:

    If so where will you be?

  2. Max of 23 in sydney :) I'll be up at dawn to get some main road practice without much traffic.
  3. 30.....
    I wonder if its to late to pull out of setting up the expo :rofl:
  4. I will be going out for a spin just not sure where yet ? :grin:
  5. ill be sitting in front of my computer fantasizing of one day riding a bike again.
  6. Pick my bike up tomorrow morning 8am from it's tune-up, then riding to work.

    Might have to go out for lunch tomorrow :grin:

    Prolly go for a ride tomorrow night.
    Chuck a bit of an urban-Rossi round a bit of Baulko and see where the road takes me.

    Can't wait.
  7. think I'll go the reefton, might have to adjust my steering angle first though...
  8. it was 30 here in adelaide yesterday
    took the long way home from work :grin:
  9. Anything above 25 & the tourists think its hot OMG there gonna be cookin today, pushing the 30 mark here also. Let the freak shows begin :roll:
    Hmmmm I might actaully put a dress on today :LOL:
  10. 2 other friends and I planned yesterday to visit a friend up at Barmera... only now do I find out its gonna be 30, lol. Hope the air con on the bike works hey?

    If we time it right too, we'll ride from Barmera straight into Adelaide for coffee... else we'll head home, then head out for coffee at the respective time.

    Oh well, thats where I'll be today, wish us luck! Three Loonie Platers out for a cruise, wheeeee :LOL: :LOL:
  11. I'll need to do some laps and maintain my ride fitness for the PI track day on Monday.
    Better get out there...
  12. I'll need to do some laps and maintain my ride fitness for the PI track day on Monday.
    I think Healesville and Kinglake may come in to the equation.
    Better get out there...
  13. Unfortunately my ride will be to work, but at least I get to do Belgrave, Emerald, Cockatoo, Gembrook and Pakenham on the way home....

    I ride all year and I'm lucky to pass one or two bikes in a 23km commute....today seven

    bikes will be thicker than blowies round a birfday cake by midday today.

    stay safe
  14. After cooffee with friends I think I head off to the hills. :grin:
  15. Wish I could join you G :( Enjoy :)
  16. Am about to head out the driveway
    :biker: the bike is warming up
    i was told yesterday
    many were thinking about heading to Marysville today

    Me well dunno
    the bike either turns Left or right out the driveway
    either to the Beach or them there hills

    :-k decisions decisions :-k
  17. Next time, BB.
  18. Marysville for lunch huh :-k :-k :-k :idea:
  19. 34 somewhere here in Adelaide today.

    It was already 29 at 8:30
  20. Changed my mind
    i went to Montrose to Olinda to Kalista to Emerald acrosse the back road towards Beaconsfield to take a left to Cockatoo then onto the woori yallock road to yellingbow to monbulk back over to emerald to belgrave
    stopped and had a chat with an old mate in upwey main st am home for 5 min but am off again to ringwood bike shop to pick up some parts for my partners bike
    then i am thinking warrandyte right at the roundabout to whilttlesea to yea
    :grin: hmmm then again i might just come back via kinglake :-k might see some of you on your way back down