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$30,000 garade door remote

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. I have just been told by a mate, that every time he shuts down the engine on his new MV Brutale, his powered garage door opens or closes! It never happens when he starts it up, only when he shuts down. I'll be buggered if I've ever heard anything like it before. Has anyone else?

  2. Tell him to change the frequency that his door uses.
  3. Is that something he can do himself, like a switch or something, or will he need to call the door people out?
  4. He should be able to do it himself...RTFM!

  5. If he's got a manual!

    Inside my remote there's a row of microswitches you can reset to change the combination that opens/shuts the door. Presumably there's an equivalent set in the control box that connects to the door motor.

    Make the same change to the switches in the remote and the control box, see if the door works, then try it with the MV.
  6. Change his bike, (buy a Hornet) :LOL: :LOL:
  7. If it all gets too hard, he can complain to the ACA. There are laws to ensure devices to not interfere with each other that they oversee.

    Don't get me started on how the telephone companies bodgied the Standards so their shit passes the standards (its all to do with time weighting), but anything one designs has to be immune to their interference. (Like tring to stop a freight train with an icy-pole stick in most cases).

    EM-effing-C and C-tick certification. Arrrgh! Where are my pills?
  8. No chance, to him (and me), elec-tricks are what pollies do to get elected. He'll call out the door people I'm sure.
  9. Tell his wife to stop playing funny buggers with the spare garage door remote :)

  10. Manuals are for wusses!!! Call tech support, thats for the real men!
  11. I know his wife, that suggestion is not as silly as it sounds!
  12. Call the door company and have them fix it. If they try to charge him, tell them to stick it, as it was a major security issue that could have led to his bike being stolen.

  13. Hey 'Coder', if he changes the frequency so his bike doesn't open the door, won't that mean the proper remotes won't open it either?
  14. He'll be able to change the frequency on both the remotes AND the receiver attached to the garage door. If you look in the manual it should tell you how to do this. there will usually just be 3 or 4 micro chips and about 4 - 5 (1 more than there are chips) NUMBERED slots for them to go into. All you do is change the sequence of them in both the remotes AND the door so they match.

    i.e. If the remote has 5 slots and the chips are taking up slots 1-2-3-4 then you can change them to take up 1-2-4-5. You do the same too the receiver on the door unit and all should be sweet.
  15. Oh dear, this is a bloke who has trouble changing the batteries in a torch. He is a neuro-surgeon who can use a spoon to tinker with a brain, but a screwdriver is beyond him. I think plan 'A', call the door man, is still No1.
  16. Why doesn't he get his good mate incitatus to do it for him? :)

  17. cos he's too busy horsing around :LOL:

    (I've got the leave the office for the rest of the day, so you can't get back at me, nyah nyah!!)
  18. It's a thing MV built in so they can hide this ugly bike as quick as possible.

  19. ooooh, hurtful....won't stop me telling him that though :D :wink:
  20. Because his good mate Incitatus is in Perth, and he is in Broome, which for you 'over easters', is a bloody long way from here.