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  1. I asked this a day or so ago, but thought I'd try a more general posting.
    Has anybody here had any experience with '3' mobile. Their deals seem pretty competitive, but that's no good if the service is hopeless.

    Also, are the phones any good (I have heard that the battery life can be poor and service drops-outs are/ were common)?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Service is poor. Customer service and support are a joke.

    Best avoided.
  3. I had a friend here in Sydney sign up with the service when it first came out and as soon as his contract for the hardware was finished, he baled out. Coverage was lousy, billing was flaky and support was non-existent.
    That said, they're probably very kind to mothers and small furry animals.
  4. They have just struck a deal to share the Telstra network. Surely this would improve the service?
  5. good if you're povo like me the poor student, but you get what you pay for. their reception is pretty average, customer service isn't that bad in my experiences.
  6. This is the word around the campfire. I know a few people with them and they despise 3. Their customer support is non-existant, network is terrible and phones are shoddy. The customer service, or lack thereof, is the most contentious issue.
  7. I was with 3 for almost 2 years, crap service from the outset. Was continually having calls drop (possibly due to crap Motorola phone they offered early on). Customer support was totally useless, never managed to resolve any of my issues. Finally solved my problems by selling the Honda and buying a Triumph. Seriously! By leaning further forward, my backpack came open one day and now the Motorola is hopefully rotting in a ditch somewhere. :LOL:
  8. By the way, I've got a spare battery and charger for a Motorola A830 if anyone's interested.
  9. Have a bit more of a look around and you can find much better deals.

    If it's still going on optus prepaid do "pay $30 and get $120 worth of credit."

    Also, factor in what most of your friends use, each provider has way lower rates to phones from the same service.

    Essentially it depends on the deal you are looking for. There is a package tailored to most needs.

    I was looking for a new phone and good coverage, as well of course cheap rates (student). So I chose a $30/month plan. Got a motorola V620 and $30 credit/month, which at the time kicked ass. Now i'm waiting to get off the plan so i can take advantage of some of the prepaid deals.

    Choose what suits your needs best. :D

    EDIT- To answer the question, as everyone else has said, 3 have really dodgy coverage, customer service and cheap phones. Don't touch them with a ten foot pole.
  10. Away from 3, I'm with Vodafone. I was paying over 350 a month with Telstra, now my bill is never more that 100 a month. Billing is sensible, I pay my account on the 'Net, and they send me an SMS reminder when it's due so it's kind to the planet as well. (no paperwork at all)
  11. Yes! 3 mobile share the roaming service with Telstra, if somewhere out of 3 network, then will be with Telstra, so far i feel their network and reception pretty good for me. Even ride to the far country side, the others without reception, I am still able to make and recieve calls.

    One really bad thing! Customer Service Call centre located in India!

    So far nothing bad apart from that Customer Service.

  12. How long have you been with them scootergal?
    (So far you seem to be the only plus.)
  13. For info, I am currently with Vodafone (who are pretty good), on an old +60 plan. Looking to change to a cap and would like the cap to include international calls (Vodafone allows only 20 mins on their 49 cap).

    I am anti-Telstra (unless I see a really good deal...), which leaves Optus and 3 as the only real contenders.
  14. Since after they have the deal with Telstra as their roaming service provider.

    About end of June this year, and I call my family/ friends in overseas a lot more than I used to, after I join 3.
  15. My thoughts having been with 3 for the last 3 months after switching from Vodafone after some 5 years.

    Customer support - pretty poor, based in India, fortunately I've only needed them once for a minor issue.

    Coverage - You can only use video calls/mms/'services' inside the 3 coverage zone which is fairly small around capital cities. Outside those areas you fall back to Telstra roaming, which has excellent coverage, but you only get basic voice/sms service.

    Pricing - this was the clincher for me at the time, wanted something cheaper. The plan I'm on seemed to be the best at the time of switching. However, I've come to realise just how much of a difference it made with Vodafone charging per second, instead of 30s blocks - I've already blown my cap limit ($230 worth of stuff for $49) once or twice, whereas similar usage levels with Voda would have stayed well below the cap limit.

    Content services - I really like some of these, but having used vanilla Voda, not the all new Voda Live I can't compare directly. I've subscribed to the Info Pack and the myMovies separate section - $4/month and I can read news/weather/finance/movie reviews/session times whenever/wherever I happen to have a few spare moments (as long as I'm inside the 3 coverage zone).

    Overall I would say that if money is your big decider give them a try (spend the time to shop around for phone reviews and get a good handset cos you're locked in for a while), but if money isn't really the issue and you're looking for other things in a mobile provider, I would most heartily recommend Vodafone.

  16. It was pretty bad with their early phase handset! That's why never try new things too soon, as the technology/ network not really able to support it. :p

    Remember their first phase handset --- like a UFO! :p
  17. My son-in-law worked for them and he said they were crap!!

    They gave him a brand new handset and it's still in his kitchen drawer unused.
  18. Lots of time, effort & $$$ is being spent fixing coverage holes and extending the 3G Hutchison/Telstra network.

    The 3G networks operate at 2100MHz where as the existing standard GSM networks run at 900MHz. What that means in plain English is that the existing GSM network will work better over longer distances because it's a lower frequency so 3G needs more base stations to get the same level of coverage and is affected more by obstacles like hills & buildings.

    The network is mainly Metro based at present but once you leave that area (as mentioned above) you switch to the Telstra GSM network. 3G phones can work on GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900 & 3G 2100 networks (that means Normal GSM, the two Higher Freq GSM networks) but standard "GSM" phones cant use the 3G network. A triband handset is one that will work on all 3 GSM bands (900, 1800, 1900 but doesn't incl 3G).

    Telstra is also still expanding and improving it's GSM & CDMA Coverage.

    It's kinda boring and hard to explain in writing :roll:
  19. I jumped on board with 3 straight after the launch.

    Was given the NEC 606 handset.

    It took over 36 hours to get connected. My fax number never worked, customer service center was/still is in India.

    I went through 3 606 handsets before I screamed long and hard and demanded that I spoke with someone that was paid enough to be yelled at.

    I was put through to Brisbane and was given the Motorola 9xx? phone, the touch screen one.

    It used to ring very very quietly at the best of times, always missed calls, then the retarted thing would change the volume level when it felt like it. It used to change the date when it felt like it, making the PDA side of the phone useless.

    Was given a second 9xx phone that suffered the same problems.

    Phoned Karachi and demanded that I speak with Brisbane, and after some yelling and screaming they agreed to cancel my contract with no penalties.

    Walked across to Telstra and got a phone plan from them. It expires in January and all I can say is this........


    Churning as soon as the contract is up.
  20. Thanks guys.