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3 year old shoots herself

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Tweetster, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. A girl has been killed after picking up a loaded gun, apparently mistaking it for a Wii Remote gun-style controller.

    Three year-old Cheyenne Alexis McKeehan from Wilson County Tennessee died from a single self-inflicted shot to the abdomen from a .380 calibre semi-automatic pistol.

    It's believed the loaded firearm had been left in the living room of the girl’s house, after her stepfather thought he had heard a prowler outside.


    ...Oh!.. this is so sad...
  2. Sad indeed.
  3. ah yes, it's a wonderful thing to live in a country where it's your God-given right to have a hand gun on the coffee table :roll: :(.
  4. very negligent of the step dad. it should've been on him or in the safe.

    but people? again with the gun bashing?

    how about this.

    "child dies after drinking drain cleaner left on table"
    "child dies after being left in hot car"
    "child dies after tipping boiling water on to itself"
    "child dies after cutting femoral artery with kitchen knife"

    seriously. people can die in a million ways. enough with the sensationalist gun bashing agenda.
  5. Because you need drain cleaner to clean drains
    cars to get around
    boiling water to cook stuff
    kitchen knives to prepare food

    You need a ".380 calibre semi-automatic pistol." to ??? Pistols are for shooting people nothing more.

    I'm not for a blanket ban of firearms but no one needs a hand gun in their house...
  6. As sad as it is, who the hell leaves a loaded gun laying around. Where were the parents when this happened after the father put the gun on the table???
  7. Drain Cleaner is used for Cleaning Drains.
    Cars are used for transporting people
    Boiling water is used for cooking things.
    Kitchen knives are used for preparing Food.
    Handguns are used for Killing people.
    Each of the other things you have pointed out have a purpose other than killing people.
    Handguns do not.
    That is the fundamental difference.
    And no one has done any gun bashing thus far, Hornet has really pointed out the stupidity of the weapon handling as far as I can see.
    You have brought up the role of handguns.
    Do you want the conversation to go that way?

  8. .. someone who should not be allowed to own a gun!.... bet there is more to the story than the old " I heard a prowler"...
  9. Or have a daughter.

    The parents probably watched her pick up the gun, and laughed when she started using it as a game controller 'cos they thought it was cute, then it goes off.
  10. There is a youtube clip that shows a family celebration (party or wedding etc) and a guy looks on while his very young (I assume) daughter picks up his hand gun (which is on the table) and plays with it. She aims it at him and then she pulls the trigger... he gets shot in his side!!.... dumb F*cker!! luckily it was him who got shot!
  11. Thats a fair point that you both make. Handguns are used for shooting people but both for offence or defense. There are plenty of people who need pistols for their work. I don't think the average family does.

    the issue of firearms was bought up by hornet and others in another post recently.

    I just think this wouldn't have made "news" if it wasn't a firearm.

    I think its a really sad case that goes to show there are plenty of idiots in the world. leaving anything dangerous near a inquisitive 3 year old is stupid.
  12. If it wasn't a firearm she wouldn't be dead either...
  13. if it was a cobra she might be.

    actually it might be news if she died of starvation while her mother was shaving her pubic region and dad was playing world of warcraft
  14. None of us as motorcycle riders want the argument to go that way. I don't know where you get the idea that handguns are "used for killing people" any more than bows or knives are. You may not have any use for a handgun but the statement that handguns have no purpose other than killing people is just ignorance. The parents have a lot to answer for.
  15. Any child dies in any way from parental neglect or a parent being negligent, it usually makes news... the gun aspect highlights the senselessness of it. That's where the natural anti gun views comes from.
  16. Well flesh out please what handguns other primary purposes are for then?
  17. shooting antique cans :p
  18. "No not my precious antique cans!"

    Haha lol and there's a Simpsons quote thread.
  19. Most handguns in Australia and most of the first world are used for sporting (i.e. target shooting) purposes but, particularly in northern Australia, many are used as a general purpose tool on large scale grazing and cropping operations.