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3 World Champ riders autographs on one cap

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Mouth, May 24, 2005.

  1. The autographs of the 3 riders are Wayne Gardner, Olivier Jacque and Marty Cragill. The cap was signed at Phillip Island Australia, February 21st 2005

    100% of the proceeds from the sale of this hat will be donated to the Professor Paul Colditz Research Foundation at Brisbane Womens & Childrens Hospital. Prof. Paul Colditz is a world leading expert into research of premature and critically ill babies and shares his wisdom, expertise and research findings with Perinatal Intensive Care Units around the globe.


  2. Mouth, looks like the bidding is going well. Unfortunately way out of my league. Congrats on donating proceeds to a worthy cause.
  3. nodz, you are making a real run for 1000 posts! :LOL:
  4. No mate, just been off colour for a couple of weeks after my off. I haven't really been on-line since then accept perhaps last Monday morning or so and when I get on-line this morning there are 1000 new posts on 50 new topics. Just can't keep my mouth shut or my fingers still...:LOL:...perhaps it's that I like to talk a lot of crap or I have a captive audience and most may read the posts...:LOL:

    I was just commenting on the commendable effort of Jason to donate money to prem/critically ill babies. I've got three perfectly healthy kids of my own and I know for a fact that they mean the world to me and I would have been devastated if any of them were crook at birth.
  5. Out of my league, too. :cry:

    I'll just have to console myself with my Kevin Schwantz-autographed GP program!

    Picture this - you're Kevin Schwantz and you're at the Oz GP. You could be hanging out in the hospitality suites with the Suzuki bigwigs, sponsors or the media. Instead, you're wandering around the GP Expo like any other rider, checking out the bikes. You're even happy to sign stuff for gobsmacked admirers.

    What a guy!
  6. then how you you explain this? :LOL: :LOL: keep it up mate, at least someone is paying attention. :wink: