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3 weeks.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Fixed, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Apparently the insurance gods have seen fit to get the R6 repaired, and I don't know how I feel about that. Geoff Taylor will give me a ewe-beaut Yoshi carbon slip on to replace the broken pipe (Jason you were right, OEM *is* more expensive) and smaller, blacker bits, but parts will be on back-order, and it's still a repair job.

    They quoted 9 grands worth of damage, and riding the bike home after the stack the chassis, swingarm, and suspension all felt fine. Every bit of plastic was munted or missing though, headlight assembly rooted, basically anything that didn't comprise the heart and soul of the bike was a bit broken.

    Now while the estimate will be a little padded, and include labour, does this sound about right? They're not allowed to straighen frames or swingarms and such, correct? Has anyone had major damage repaired by the fellas there, and how did they feel about the results?

  2. If the frame/swingarm is bent, then it is an automatic write-off for most any insurance company.

    If the damage to the bike is >60% of the bike's agreed value, it's a write-off usually.

    In all other cases, it's a repair job.

    $9K seems a little high for fairings and front-assembly. A full set of original fairings shouldn't cost much more than $2K, and fitting them is a snap unless the mount points have been bent out of place, in which case they'll just bend them back.

    Front assembly shouldn't be more than $2K all up as well. As for levers, clutch covers, etc, and the exhaust, shouldn't really total up to more than $1K.

    Assuming 4 days work at $50/hr, that's around $1.5K in labour, so all up I'd be guessing in the order of $6-7K would sound about right.

    Of course, that's what they'd likely charge you if you were to pay for it yourself....
  3. Trade labour is typically around $70/hr now, and did you mark up the parts 100%? That would take care of the price!

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Whatever doesn't kill her can only make her stronger right?
    Their going to find that damaged Power Commander in there to match that Yoshi pipe right? Right ??? :grin:
  5. I think I might have to have a chat to them and see what they can do *cough*
  6. My experience with a damaged bike was with redwing and the possibility of bent frame was not a consideration given it was a low speed crash, so might not be entirely like yours for those reasons. However, although Redwing lie to customers faces, don't do any work on the bike when they say they will and couldn't give a stuff if you've waited double the estimated time to complete before they start, order the wrong parts and give bad quotes.... (I'm ranting, I'll get to the point). The repairs were top notch and I ended up with a bike that it was better than before it was dropped. Almost good enough to bother dealing with the ****s again (almost).

    Point is, if they reckon they can fix it, they probably can. I was sceptical at first but now believe it's possible.
  7. Has the assessor seen the quote and agreed/approved it, or is that first/initial quote from Geoff Taylor? If the latter, it will probably get knocked down some more before the assessor agree's and approves it. For piece of mind, you should see the final quote and work that the assessor has approved before allowing work to start. 9K sounds about right from what I saw.

    The quote will be itemised for parts and labour actions, telling you if any of these items are part of repairs.

    They have done 3 repairs on my bike, one relatively major (but not quite as much as yours). Very happy in all instances except once with the colour matching where I should have knocked it back and made them do it again. They have since changed their spray painter though.