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3 weeks in and loving it

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Reddog093, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. So I've had my vstar for three weeks now and am still totally enamored every time I climb aboard and go for a strap. My first ride on the bike was from Maroochydore in the Sunshine Coast to Ormeau on the Gold Coast, took about 2 hours and was a real trial by fire. The first thing I noticed was just how bloody windy it is on the highway at 100-110. I thought my arms were going to fall off when I got home due to me white knuckling it the entire ride. Now I've had the bike for three weeks the wind on the highway is barely even noticed and I feel I could ride the bike to Sydney and back no worries at all ☺ I cant wait to get on the bike again and perfect my taking off and tackling roundabouts a little smoother hahaha.

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  2. Hey Reddog,
    My experience is similar, nearly two weeks in. First trip on hwy at 110km/hr was quite buffeting. Loose arms and bar grip really helped. Still feel crappy tackling roundabout though, especially right hand turns.
  3. Found some similarities here too, but im getting used to the wind buffetting now, been riding about 2 months now.

    Try to keep the tension out of your arms and shoulders though, as tension there will just make the bike track poorly in straight lines.

    And have a look at the cornering threads in here, or watch twist of the wrist 2 on youtube. My cornering has improved substantially by watching and reading this info, to the point I zinged through a roundabout going right and actually congratulated myself inside my helmet
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  4. watched all the vids, was quite easy on q-ride bikes. Am more circumspect on my bike though. Seating position initially had me supporting weight on bars - that sucked. Once supported weight with legs and waist that wasn't problem anymore. Just find myself going probably too slowly and low revs through right hand turns on roundabouts for bike (lot heavier bike) to be as stable as she could be. Mainly, is a confidence / competence thing, plus people always start pulling into roundabout before I'm past - messes with my looking to where I want to go. Need more practice. Hope to be zipping thru soon though.
  5. I am hearing you with the round a bouts. I have had my re licence since March 2015 and the town I lived in before returning Brisbane had one round a bout and three sets of traffic lights. So practicing was a bit hard, however I am getting plenty of practice down here. I have had my cbr500ra for one month today and am getting quite comfortable with the weight compared to the 1999 KLR 250 I was riding. The other half he keeps telling me to acceralate through the corners will make the bike more stable. We now have sena intercom which is great for him giving me training as we go for rides.
  6. Good to have an instructor to ride with!
  7. Yeah it is good. The only problem is we only get to ride every now and then together due shift work. Hopefully, once I get a bit more confidence we are looking at doing a bit of touring. The other half rides a vfr800 which I now can kept up with on the new bike.
  8. Sounds good - except for shift work. I need find new job myself - ugh
  9. Yeah on the qride 125 roundabouts were a piece of piss could just lean on the pegs but my vstar has forward controls and extended forks so low speed maneuvering is a bit of a task hahahahaha. Especially when people decide that either bikes should do full speed everywhere at all times and push you wide through round abouts or are too busy playing candy crush or some shit and just dawdle along to the point where you have to sit the bike back up dead straight.