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3 weeks holiday

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stanga169, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. what to do , what to do

  2. what ^^ said

  3. ..dumb question!!.....get on it and ride!!.... :-s

  4. Maybe jump on the bike too!! :D

  5. ...if he has the energy!!.... :rofl:
  6. go riding, go overseas, go interstate, write LOTS of letters from lots of different people to the gubbermont about all the unhappy stuff going on right now :D
  7. Join the forum under another alias and chat to yourself. Maybe the two of you will come up with some ideas.
  8. winter spruce-up on the bike. get a heater in your garage, clean all the areas that don't get done in normal washing, under the chain guard, swing-arm pivot, behind the front wheel engine area.

    then go for a long two-day ride and get it all messy again :LOL:
  9. thinking about just sinking piss for a week or 2 then doing something less productive
  10. I also got 3 weeks hols coming up and my plans are
    1. Get L's
    2. Get rego / licence
    3. Ride and ride and ride and ride till my ass can't take it no more (....that's what she said....)
  11. your ass can't take it no more, nicko! :rofl:
  12. Plan a good, long motorcycle tour and get out and see this great land.
  13. reminds me of the 40 yr old virgin, and his female boss who wanted to get baked for an entire week or two of her holidays lol
  14. ahhhh holidays, i have 6.5 weeks long service leave / 10 weeks annual leave and another 4 weeks added to my annual next month up my sleeve, plus all the sickies, loooovely
  15. study for me, will have to resit one exam and hopefully another.
  16. Go 'do' Europe?

    Staying freezetoria is NOT an option!
  17. 5wks coming up real soon for me:)
  18. 2 weeks for me starting Saturday, but, as I'm still recovering from knee surgery, I'd say my riding is going to be fairly restricted. :(
  19. get farked. With taking the odd day off here and there for the kids, and having enforced time off over christmas I am struggling to accumulate more than about a week.